All Relations between Neurodegenerative Diseases and microglial cell

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Yukihiro Okada, Nobutake Hosoi, Yasunori Matsuzaki, Yuuki Fukai, Akito Hiraga, Junichi Nakai, Keisuke Nitta, Yoichiro Shinohara, Ayumu Konno, Hirokazu Hira. Development of microglia-targeting adeno-associated viral vectors as tools to study microglial behavior in vivo. Communications biology vol 5 issue 1 2022 36369525 our vectors transduced ramified microglia in healthy tissues and reactive microglia in lipopolysaccharide-treated mice and a mouse model of neurodegenerative disease. 2022-11-13 2022-11-15 Not clear
Dorothy P Schafer, Jacob M Stillma. Microglia are SYK of A\\xce\\xb2 and cell debris. Cell vol 185 issue 22 2022 36306731 during neurodegenerative disease, resident cns macrophages termed "microglia" assume a neuroprotective role and engulf toxic protein aggregates and cell debris. 2022-10-28 2022-11-01 Not clear
Booker T Davis, Zhangying Chen, Mecca B A R Islam, Madeline E Timken, Daniele Procissi, Steven J Schwuls. POSTINJURY FECAL MICROBIOME TRANSPLANT DECREASES LESION SIZE AND NEUROINFLAMMATION IN TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY. Shock (Augusta, Ga.) vol 58 issue 4 2022 36256625 the constitutive activation of microglia after tbi has been linked to long-term neurocognitive deficits and the progression of neurodegenerative disease. 2022-10-18 2022-10-25 Not clear
Booker T Davis, Zhangying Chen, Mecca B A R Islam, Madeline E Timken, Daniele Procissi, Steven J Schwuls. POSTINJURY FECAL MICROBIOME TRANSPLANT DECREASES LESION SIZE AND NEUROINFLAMMATION IN TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY. Shock (Augusta, Ga.) vol 58 issue 4 2022 36256625 microglia from fmt-treated mice enriched pathways in the heat-shock response, which is known to play a neuroprotective role in tbi and other neurodegenerative disease processes. 2022-10-18 2022-10-25 Not clear
Hannah Ennerfelt, Elizabeth L Frost, Daniel A Shapiro, Coco Holliday, Kristine E Zengeler, Gabrielle Voithofer, Ashley C Bolte, Catherine R Lammert, Joshua A Kulas, Tyler K Ulland, John R Luken. SYK coordinates neuroprotective microglial responses in neurodegenerative disease. Cell vol issue 2022 36257314 recent studies have begun to reveal critical roles for the brain's professional phagocytes, microglia, and their receptors in the control of neurotoxic amyloid beta (a\xce\xb2) and myelin debris accumulation in neurodegenerative disease. 2022-10-18 2022-10-25 Not clear
Roman Kosoy, John F Fullard, Biao Zeng, Jaroslav Bendl, Pengfei Dong, Samir Rahman, Steven P Kleopoulos, Zhiping Shao, Kiran Girdhar, Jack Humphrey, Katia de Paiva Lopes, Alexander W Charney, Brian H Kopell, Towfique Raj, David Bennett, Christopher P Kellner, Vahram Haroutunian, Gabriel E Hoffman, Panos Rousso. Genetics of the human microglia regulome refines Alzheimer's disease risk loci. Nature genetics vol 54 issue 8 2022 35931864 this comprehensive resource capturing variation in the human microglia regulome provides insights into the etiology of neurodegenerative disease. 2022-08-05 2022-08-08 Not clear
Zhuojia Xu, Aihua Qu, Hongyu Zhang, Weiwei Wang, Changlong Hao, Meiru Lu, Baimei Shi, Liguang Xu, Maozhong Sun, Chuanlai Xu, Hua Kuan. Photoinduced elimination of senescent microglia cells Chemical science vol 13 issue 22 2022 35756519 photoinduced elimination of senescent microglia cells parkinson's disease (pd) is an age-related neurodegenerative disease, and the removal of senescent cells has been proved to be beneficial for improving age-associated pathologies in neurodegeneration disease. 2022-06-27 2022-07-04 Not clear
Pedro Melo, Renato Socodato, Mariana S Silveira, Miguel Ant\\xc3\\xb3nio Dias Neves, Jo\\xc3\\xa3o Bettencourt Relvas, In\\xc3\\xaas Mendes Pint. Mechanical actuators in microglia dynamics and function. European journal of cell biology vol 101 issue 3 2022 35691123 microglia undergo dramatic transcriptomic and shape changes upon brain insults or neurodegenerative disease states and adopt a classical immune effector function (producing an extensive array of inflammatory mediators such as cytokines, chemokines, and reactive oxygen species) to re-establish tissue homeostasis. 2022-06-12 2022-06-14 Not clear
Whitney A Thiel, Zachary I Blume, Diana M Mitchel. Compensatory engulfment and M\\xc3\\xbcller glia reactivity in the absence of microglia. Glia vol issue 2022 35451181 therefore, effects of microglial deficiency or depletion on other glial cell types should be well-considered in experimental manipulations, in neurodegenerative disease, and in therapeutic approaches that target microglia. 2022-04-22 2022-04-25 Not clear
Mario Vailati-Riboni, Laurie Rund, Maria Elisa Caetano-Silva, Noah T Hutchinson, Selena S Wang, Katiria Soto-D\\xc3\\xadaz, Jeffrey A Woods, Andrew J Steelman, Rodney W Johnso. Dietary Fiber as a Counterbalance to Age-Related Microglial Cell Dysfunction. Frontiers in nutrition vol 9 issue 2022 35360677 with increasing age, microglia shift toward a pro-inflammatory phenotype that may predispose individuals to neurodegenerative disease. 2022-04-01 2022-04-14 Not clear
Min Cao, Jing Liu, Xiaomin Zhang, Tingting Yang, Yaqi Wang, Yuli Hou, Qiao Song, Yuting Cui, Yifei Wang, Peichang Wan. ABI3 Is a Novel Early Biomarker of Alzheimer's Disease. Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD vol issue 2022 35275543 the abi3 gene has been suggested to be an important regulator of microglia during alzheimer's disease (ad), but the diagnostic power of abi3 in neurodegenerative disease has rarely been reported. 2022-03-11 2022-04-14 Not clear
Kathryn Pellerin, Stephen J Rubino, Jeremy C Burns, Benjamin A Smith, Christie-Ann McCarl, Jing Zhu, Luke Jandreski, Patrick Cullen, Thomas M Carlile, Angela Li, Jorge Vera Rebollar, Jennifer Sybulski, Taylor L Reynolds, Baohong Zhang, Rebecca Basile, Hao Tang, Chelsea Parker Harp, Alex Pellerin, John Silbereis, Nathalie Franchimont, Ellen Cahir-McFarland, Richard M Ransohoff, Thomas O Cameron, Michael Minguenea. MOG autoantibodies trigger a tightly-controlled FcR and BTK-driven microglia proliferative response. Brain : a journal of neurology vol 144 issue 8 2021 34145876 moreover, the application of therapeutic antibodies for neurodegenerative disease also highlights the importance of understanding fc receptor signalling in microglia. 2021-12-08 2022-01-13 Not clear
Maria L Allende, Hongling Zhu, Mari Kono, Lila E Hoachlander-Hobby, Vienna L Huso, Richard L Proi. Genetic defects in the sphingolipid degradation pathway and their effects on microglia in neurodegenerative disease. Cellular signalling vol 78 issue 2021 33296739 genetic defects in the sphingolipid degradation pathway and their effects on microglia in neurodegenerative disease. 2021-12-06 2022-01-13 Not clear
Yunsu Han, Yin Lu, Xin Li, Xiaoqi Niu, Alan K Chang, Zhe Yang, Xiaolong Li, Xianran He, Xiuli B. Novel organoselenides (NSAIDs-Se derivatives) protect against LPS-induced inflammation in microglia by targeting the NOX2/NLRP3 signaling pathway. International immunopharmacology vol issue 2021 34836795 our finding demonstrated that organoselenium compounds derived from nsaid might play an important role in the protection of brain microglia against inflammation-related neurodegenerative disease by potentially down-regulating the nox2/nlrp3 signaling axis. 2021-11-27 2022-01-13 Not clear
Akira Sobue, Okiru Komine, Yuichiro Hara, Fumito Endo, Hiroyuki Mizoguchi, Seiji Watanabe, Shigeo Murayama, Takashi Saito, Takaomi C Saido, Naruhiko Sahara, Makoto Higuchi, Tomoo Ogi, Koji Yamanak. Microglial gene signature reveals loss of homeostatic microglia associated with neurodegeneration of Alzheimer's disease. Acta neuropathologica communications vol 9 issue 1 2021 33402227 although microglia in aging and neurodegenerative disease model mice show a loss of homeostatic phenotype and activation of disease-associated microglia (dam), a correlation between those phenotypes and the degree of neuronal cell loss has not been clarified. 2021-11-15 2022-01-13 Not clear
Jessica E Rexach, Damon Polioudakis, Anna Yin, Vivek Swarup, Timothy S Chang, Tam Nguyen, Arjun Sarkar, Lawrence Chen, Jerry Huang, Li-Chun Lin, William Seeley, John Q Trojanowski, Dheeraj Malhotra, Daniel H Geschwin. Tau Pathology Drives Dementia Risk-Associated Gene Networks toward Chronic Inflammatory States and Immunosuppression. Cell reports vol 33 issue 7 2021 33207193 to understand how neural-immune-associated genes and pathways contribute to neurodegenerative disease pathophysiology, we performed a systematic functional genomic analysis in purified microglia and bulk tissue from mouse and human ad, ftd, and psp. 2021-11-08 2022-01-13 Not clear
Yun-Ying Feng, Hui Che. [Nucleotide-binding Oligomerization Domain-like Receptor Family Pyrin Domain Containing 3 Inflammasome in Alzheimer's Disease]. Zhongguo yi xue ke xue yuan xue bao. Acta Academiae Medicinae Sinicae vol 43 issue 5 2021 34728041 alzheimer's disease(ad)is a chronic neurodegenerative disease whose cause remains unclear.the \xce\xb2-amyloid plaques in the brain are one of the major pathological features of ad.however,the drugs targeting extracellular \xce\xb2-amyloid plaques have failed to cure the disease.innate immunity and neuroinflammation play a role in the pathogenesis and progression of the macrophages existing in the central nervous system,microglia are related with extracellular \xce\xb2-amyloid deposition,intracellular neurofibrillary tangle formation,and neuron injury.accumulating evidence demonstrates that the activation of nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain-like receptor family pyrin domain containing 3(nlrp3)inflammasome in microglia plays a role in ad,suggesting new therapeutic target for ad in this signaling pathway.this article reviewed the studies about the activation and regulation of nlrp3 inflammasome in the pathogenesis and progression of ad as well as the development of ad therapies targeting this pathway,aiming to provide reference for further studies in this field. 2021-11-04 2022-01-13 Not clear
Robert Brendza, Han Lin, Kimberly Stark, Oded Foreman, Janet Tao, Andrew Pierce, Hai Ngu, Kimberle Shen, Amy E Easton, Tushar Bhangale, Diana Chang, Baris Bingol, Brad A Friedma. Genetic ablation of Gpnmb does not alter synuclein-related pathology. Neurobiology of disease vol 159 issue 2021 34464706 the gene gpnmb is known to play roles in phagocytosis and tissue repair, and is upregulated in microglia in many mouse models of neurodegenerative disease as well as in human patients. 2021-11-03 2022-01-14 Not clear
Bailey A Loving, Maoping Tang, Mikaela C Neal, Sachi Gorkhali, Robert Murphy, Robert H Eckel, Kimberley D Bruc. Lipoprotein Lipase Regulates Microglial Lipid Droplet Accumulation. Cells vol 10 issue 2 2021 33498265 microglia become increasingly dysfunctional with aging and contribute to the onset of neurodegenerative disease (nds) through defective phagocytosis, attenuated cholesterol efflux, and excessive secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines. 2021-10-12 2022-01-13 Not clear
Wenhui Qu, Ling L. Microglial TREM2 at the Intersection of Brain Aging and Alzheimer's Disease. The Neuroscientist : a review journal bringing neurobiology, neurology and psychiatry vol issue 2021 34470515 as resident immune cells of the brain, microglia serve pivotal roles in regulating neuronal function under both physiological and pathological conditions, including aging and the most prevalent neurodegenerative disease, alzheimer's disease (ad). 2021-09-02 2022-01-14 Not clear
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