All Relations between Personality Disorders and response control

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
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Michael Baliousis, Conor Duggan, Lucy McCarthy, Nick Huband, Birgit V\\xc3\\xb6ll. Executive function, attention, and memory deficits in antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy. Psychiatry research vol 278 issue 2020 31200194 additional deficits in inhibitory control and working memory appeared to distinguish aspd from other personality disorders. 2020-03-30 2023-01-26 Not clear
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Joel T Nigg, Kenneth R Silk, Gillian Stavro, Torri Mille. Disinhibition and borderline personality disorder. Development and psychopathology vol 17 issue 4 2006 16613434 a substantial amount of literature links executive function problems with bpd, but that literature has not isolated executive response inhibition nor been controlled for other personality disorder symptoms of antisociality, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (adhd), or depression, anxiety, or posttraumatic symptoms. 2006-06-21 2023-01-24 Not clear
Andreas J Fallgatter, Ann-Christine Ehlis, Michael R\\xc3\\xb6sler, Werner K Strik, Detlev Blocher, Martin J Herrman. Diminished prefrontal brain function in adults with psychopathology in childhood related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Psychiatry research vol 138 issue 2 2005 15766638 the aim of the present study was to investigate prefrontal brain function and cognitive response control in patients with personality disorders who either suffered or did not suffer from psychopathology related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) during childhood. 2005-05-31 2023-01-24 Not clear