All Relations between Sleep Deprivation and bmal1

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Yi Chung, Jia-Ling Wu, Wen-Ching Huan. Effects of prebiotics on intestinal physiology, neuropsychological function, and exercise capacity of mice with sleep deprivation. Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.) vol 165 issue 2023 36869551 in hypothalamus and hippocampus, clock (bmal1 and clock) and tight junction (ocln and tjp2) genes were improved by prebiotics, and corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor genes, crf1 and crf2, were also significantly regulated for mitigation of depression and anxiety caused by sleep deprivation. 2023-03-04 2023-03-06 mouse
Shuang Hu, Xuan Liu, Yuefan Wang, Rong Zhang, Shougang We. Melatonin protects against body weight gain induced by sleep deprivation in mice. Physiology & behavior vol issue 2022 36183851 meanwhile, the transcription factor ppar\xce\xb3 protein in liver increased, but there were no significant changes in hepatic circadian proteins bmal1 and rev-erb\xce\xb1 after 10 consecutive days of sleep deprivation. 2022-10-02 2023-01-30 mouse
Peiyuan Qiu, Jian Jiang, Zhen Liu, Yijun Cai, Tao Huang, Yan Wang, Qiming Liu, Yanhong Nie, Fang Liu, Jiumu Cheng, Qing Li, Yun-Chi Tang, Mu-Ming Poo, Qiang Sun, Hung-Chun Chan. BMAL1 knockout macaque monkeys display reduced sleep and psychiatric disorders. National science review vol 6 issue 1 2021 34691834 ablation of bmal1 up-regulated transcriptional programs toward inflammatory and stress responses, with transcription networks associated with human sleep deprivation, major depressive disorders, and aging. 2021-10-26 2023-01-26 human
Chad Smith, Kyle J Trageser, Henry Wu, Francis J Herman, Umar Haris Iqbal, Maria Sebastian-Valverde, Tal Frolinger, Emma Zeng, Giulio Maria Pasinett. Anxiolytic effects of NLRP3 inflammasome inhibition in a model of chronic sleep deprivation. Translational psychiatry vol 11 issue 1 2021 33446652 the study further showed sleep deprivation alters the expression of the circadian gene bmal1, which critically regulated nlrp3 expression and il-1\xce\xb2 production. 2021-06-18 2023-01-26 mouse
Jiabao Hou, Qianni Shen, Xing Wan, Bo Zhao, Yang Wu, Zhongyuan Xi. REM sleep deprivation-induced circadian clock gene abnormalities participate in hippocampal-dependent memory impairment by enhancing inflammation in rats undergoing sevoflurane inhalation. Behavioural brain research vol 364 issue 2020 30779975 western blot analysis revealed that sleep deprivation inhibited hippocampal bmal1 and egr1 expression for more than 7 days after sevoflurane inhalation. 2020-03-09 2023-01-26 rat
Beilin Zhang, Yanxia Gao, Yang Li, Jing Yang, Hua Zha. Sleep Deprivation Influences Circadian Gene Expression in the Lateral Habenula. Behavioural neurology vol 2016 issue 2017 27413249 and then the changes of clock gene expression (per1, per2, and bmal1) in the lhb after 6 hours of sleep deprivation were detected by using real-time quantitative pcr (qpcr). 2017-03-01 2023-01-25 rat
Katrin Ackermann, Rosina Plomp, Oscar Lao, Benita Middleton, Victoria L Revell, Debra J Skene, Manfred Kayse. Effect of sleep deprivation on rhythms of clock gene expression and melatonin in humans. Chronobiology international vol 30 issue 7 2014 23738906 during one night of total sleep deprivation, bmal1 expression was suppressed, the heat shock gene hspa1b expression was induced, and the amplitude of the melatonin rhythm increased, whereas other high-amplitude clock gene rhythms (e.g., per1-3, rev-erb\xce\xb1) remained unaffected. 2014-02-03 2023-01-25 human
Val\\xc3\\xa9rie Mongrain, Francesco La Spada, Thomas Curie, Paul Franke. Sleep loss reduces the DNA-binding of BMAL1, CLOCK, and NPAS2 to specific clock genes in the mouse cerebral cortex. PloS one vol 6 issue 10 2012 22039518 here, we investigate a possible mechanism by which sleep deprivation (sd) could alter clock gene expression by quantifying dna-binding of the core-clock transcription factors clock, npas2, and bmal1 to the cis-regulatory sequences of target clock genes in mice. 2012-02-28 2023-01-25 mouse