All Relations between apoptosis and atp1a1

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Yang Li, Xiuli Lu, Zhihao Yu, Haozhen Wang, Bing Ga. Meta-data analysis of kidney stone disease highlights ATP1A1 involvement in renal crystal formation. Redox biology vol 61 issue 2023 36871182 however, the overexpression of atp1a1 or treatment with pnaktide, a specific inhibitor of the atp1a1/src complex, inhibited the atp1a1/src signal system and alleviated oxidative stress, inflammatory responses, apoptosis, crystal-cell adhesion, and stone formation. 2023-03-05 2023-03-06 Not clear
Islam M Saadeldin, Fariba Moulavi, Ayman Abdel-Aziz Swelum, Sokhangouy Saiede Khorshid, Hossini-Fahraji Hamid, Sayyed Morteza Hossein. Vitrification of camel oocytes transiently impacts mitochondrial functions without affecting the developmental potential after intracytoplasmic sperm injection and parthenogenetic activation. Environmental science and pollution research international vol 27 issue 35 2020 33029771 at the molecular level, vitrification reduced mrna expression of many genes, including those related to mitochondrial function (tfam, mt-co1, mfn1, atp1a1, nrf1), pluripotency (sox2 and pou5f1), and apoptosis (p53 and bax). 2020-11-25 2023-01-26 Not clear
Liping Zhuang, Litao Xu, Peng Wang, Yan Jiang, Pan Yong, Chenyue Zhang, Haibin Zhang, Zhiqiang Meng, Peiying Yan. Na+/K+-ATPase \\xce\\xb11 subunit, a novel therapeutic target for hepatocellular carcinoma. Oncotarget vol 6 issue 29 2016 26334094 downregulation of atp1a1 expression resulted in cell-cycle arrest at g2/m phase and apoptosis in hepg2 cells as well as decreased migration in hep3b cells. 2016-08-02 2023-01-25 human
P\\xc3\\xa5l A Olsvik, Robin \\xc3\\x98rnsrud, Bj\\xc3\\xb8rn Tore Lunestad, Nils Steine, B\\xc3\\xb8rge Nilsen Fredrikse. Transcriptional responses in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) exposed to deltamethrin, alone or in combination with azamethiphos. Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Toxicology & pharmacology : CBP vol 162 issue 2014 24674905 significant responses for casp3b, bclx, igfbp1b and atp1a1 (na-k-atpase a1b) by some of the treatments suggest that the pharmaceutical drugs may affect apoptosis, growth and ion regulation mechanisms. 2014-12-16 2023-01-25 cat