All Relations between disparity and asymmetrical (pato 0000616)

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Megan E Ingvoldstad, Brittany S Walte. The impact of antimeric lower limb length asymmetry on adult stature estimation. Journal of forensic sciences vol issue 2022 36111660 results revealed 87.2% of individuals exhibited lower limb antimeric asymmetry, statistically significant differences between lower limb lengths, decreasing estimate accuracy when asymmetry increased, and that using a 99% prediction interval for disparities \xe2\x89\xa55.0\xe2\x80\x89mm nearly ensured documented measured stature would be captured. 2022-09-16 2022-09-20 Not clear
Mohammad Khursheed Alam, Kiran Kumar Ganji, Manay Srinivas Munisekhar, Nawaf Saleh Alanazi, Hussain Naif Alsharif, Azhar Iqbal, Santosh Patil, Nafij Bin Jamayet, Mohammed Sghairee. A 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) investigation of mandibular condyle morphometry: Gender determination, disparities, asymmetry assessment and relationship with mandibular size. The Saudi dental journal vol 33 issue 7 2021 34803320 a 3d cone beam computed tomography (cbct) investigation of mandibular condyle morphometry: gender determination, disparities, asymmetry assessment and relationship with mandibular size. 2021-11-23 2022-01-13 Not clear
Dieter Blaa. Individual subunits of a rhinovirus causing common cold exhibit largely different protein-RNA contact site conformations. Communications biology vol 3 issue 1 2021 32994533 analysis of up to sixty classes of single subunits and of six classes of subunit dimers, trimers, and pentamers revealed different orientations of the amino acid residues at the interface with the rna suggesting that local asymmetry is dictated by disparities of the interacting nucleotide sequences. 2021-06-21 2022-01-13 Not clear
Reinder Dorman, Raymond van E. 50 Years of Stereoblindness: Reconciliation of a Continuum of Disparity Detectors With Blindness for Disparity in Near or Far Depth. i-Perception vol 8 issue 6 2020 29201340 we propose, based upon integration of literature, that an asymmetry between far and near disparity detection at birth-being present for a variety of reasons-can suppress the typical formation of binocular correlation during the critical period for the development of stereopsis early in life, thereby disabling a whole class of far or near disparities. 2020-10-01 2022-01-13 Not clear
Robin Dawson Estrada, DeAnne K Hilfinger Messia. Language Co-Construction and Collaboration in Interpreter-Mediated Primary Care Encounters With Hispanic Adults. Journal of transcultural nursing : official journal of the Transcultural Nursing Society vol 29 issue 6 2019 29308730 language asymmetry between patients and providers may influence the context, content, and quality of health care communication, affecting patient outcomes and contributing to health disparities. 2019-09-30 2022-01-13 Not clear
La\\xc3\\xads Santos de Magalh\\xc3\\xa3es Cardoso, Ana Carolina Lanza Queiroz, Jo\\xc3\\xa3o Luiz Pena, George Luiz Lins Machado-Coelho, L\\xc3\\xa9o Helle. [The Aran\\xc3\\xa3s in mid-Jequitinhonha: socioeconomic, demographic and sanitary aspects of a landless indigenous population]. Ciencia & saude coletiva vol 21 issue 12 2018 27925125 asymmetric results were identified within the households, mainly sanitary disparities, which suggested a relation with the location. 2018-02-02 2022-01-13 Not clear
Cho Nam Ng, Raymond Yu Wang, Tianjie Zha. Joint effects of asymmetric payoff and reciprocity mechanisms on collective cooperation in water sharing interactions: a game theoretic perspective. PloS one vol 8 issue 8 2014 24015312 meanwhile, various upstream and downstream actors manifest individual disparities as a result of the direct reciprocity and asymmetric payoff mechanisms. 2014-03-31 2022-01-12 Not clear
Finnegan J Calabro, Lucia M Vain. Population anisotropy in area MT explains a perceptual difference between near and far disparity motion segmentation. Journal of neurophysiology vol 105 issue 1 2011 21068268 using a skewed-normal population distribution of preferred disparities, the model reproduced the elevated motion discrimination thresholds for near-disparity noise, whereas a skewed-normal population of phases (creating individually asymmetric units) did not lead to any performance skew. 2011-06-17 2022-01-12 Not clear
Thomas E Malloy, Tiina Ristikari, Rosalie Berrios-Candelaria, Beth Lewis, Fredric Agatstei. Status-based asymmetry in intergroup responses: Implications for intergroup reconciliation. Cultural diversity & ethnic minority psychology vol 17 issue 1 2011 21341895 asymmetric intergroup responses pose a barrier to intergroup reconciliation and explain, in part, why increased interracial contact has not eradicated disparities in life outcomes for black americans. 2011-06-08 2022-01-12 Not clear
Lin Zhang, Yan Wan. The shape of posterior corneal surface in normal, post-LASIK, and post-epi-LASIK eyes. Investigative ophthalmology & visual science vol 51 issue 7 2010 20207960 the shape of the normal posterior corneal surface exhibited obvious regional disparities and radial asymmetry. 2010-08-02 2022-01-12 Not clear
Jill T Anderson, Monica A Gebe. Demographic source-sink dynamics restrict local adaptation in Elliott's blueberry (Vaccinium elliottii). Evolution; international journal of organic evolution vol 64 issue 2 2010 19703223 these disparities likely result in asymmetric gene flow from uplands to bottomlands. 2010-06-01 2022-01-12 Not clear
Katrin Vonderschen, Hermann Wagne. Tuning to interaural time difference and frequency differs between the auditory arcopallium and the external nucleus of the inferior colliculus. Journal of neurophysiology vol 101 issue 5 2009 19261709 by contrast, the typical forebrain-tuning curve was asymmetric with a steep slope crossing zero time difference and a less-steep slope toward larger contralateral time disparities. 2009-06-04 2022-01-12 Not clear
Wolfgang Jaschinski, Volkhard Schrot. Ocular prevalence: difference between crossed and uncrossed disparities of stereo objects. Strabismus vol 16 issue 4 2009 19089761 we considered that ocular prevalence might be asymmetric, that is, different for crossed and uncrossed stereo disparities. 2009-03-27 2022-01-13 Not clear
D J Brow. Input impedance and reflection coefficient in fractal-like models of asymmetrically branching compliant tubes. IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering vol 43 issue 7 1997 9216143 marked reduction of the reflection coefficient occurs, due to disparities in wave path length, when branching is asymmetric. 1997-08-19 2022-01-10 Not clear
L F Dell'Oss. Evidence suggesting individual ocular motor control of each eye (muscle). Journal of vestibular research : equilibrium & orientation vol 4 issue 5 1995 7994479 asymmetric vergence can result in disconjugate saccades, unequal magnification spectacles cause differential saccadic gain adjustment, and saccades to unequal disparities also cause unequal saccades in the 2 eyes. 1995-01-17 2022-01-10 Not clear
C Kunnert-Speeg, Y Lobstein-Henry, J Sahel, J Flament, A Bronne. [Interocular accommodative disparities: asymmetry and/or paresis?]. Ophtalmologie : organe de la Societe francaise d'ophtalmologie vol 3 issue 2 1990 2641086 [interocular accommodative disparities: asymmetry and/or paresis?]. 1990-09-20 2022-01-10 Not clear
B Rogers, J Koenderin. Monocular aniseikonia: a motion parallax analogue of the disparity-induced effect. Nature vol 322 issue 6074 1986 3724851 mayhew and longuet-higgins have recently outlined a computational model of binocular depth perception in which the small vertical disparities between the two eyes' views of a three-dimensional scene are used to determine the 'viewing parameters' of fixation distance (d) and the angle of asymmetric convergence of the eyes (g). 1986-08-15 2022-01-10 Not clear
A E Kertesz, A L Perlmutte. Vertical fusional response to asymmetric disparities. IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering vol 30 issue 4 1983 6862507 vertical fusional response to asymmetric disparities. 1983-08-17 2022-01-10 Not clear
D R Hampton, A E Kertes. Fusional vergence response to local peripheral stimulation. Journal of the Optical Society of America vol 73 issue 1 1983 6827391 vergence responses elicited by peripheral disparities had longer latencies and durations and were more asymmetric than the movements elicited by foveal disparities. 1983-04-15 2022-01-10 Not clear