All Relations between emotional and ci

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Guangbo Qu, Haixia Liu, Tiantian Han, Huimei Zhang, Shaodi Ma, Liang Sun, Qirong Qin, Mingchun Chen, Xiaoqin Zhou, Yehuan Su. Association between adverse childhood experiences and sleep quality, emotional and behavioral problems and academic achievement of children and adolescents. European child & adolescent psychiatry vol issue 2023 36869931 children and adolescents with ace exposure had 1.37 times risk of poor sleep quality (adjusted odds ratio [or]\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x891.37, 95% confidence interval [ci]: 1.21-1.55), 1.91 times risk of emotional and behavioral problems (adjusted or\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x891.91, 95%ci: 1.69-2.15) and 1.21 times risk of self-reported lower academic achievement (adjusted or\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x891.21, 95%ci: 1.08-1.36). 2023-03-04 2023-03-06 Not clear
Samuel Ofei-Dodoo, Colleen Loo-Gross, Rick Kellerma. Family physicians in kansas response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Annals of family medicine vol 20 issue 20 Suppl 1 2023 36856699 the physicians who personally treated any presumptive or confirmed covid-19 patient, compared to those who did not, were more likely to report at least one manifestation of burnout (odds ratio[or]=3.96; 95% confidence interval [ci], 1.38-11.36; p = .011), experience emotional exhaustion (or=3.21; 95% ci, 1.01-10.10; p<.05), and feel a higher level of personal stress (or=1.13; 95% ci, 1.01-1.27; p=.011). 2023-03-01 2023-03-06 human
Marija Ljubi\\xc4\\x8di\\xc4\\x87, Marijana Matek Sari\\xc4\\x87, Ivo Klarin, Ivana Rumbak, Irena Coli\\xc4\\x87 Bari\\xc4\\x87, Jasmina Ranilovi\\xc4\\x87, Boris D\\xc5\\xbeelalija, Ana Sari\\xc4\\x87, Dario Naki\\xc4\\x87, Ilija Djekic, Ma\\xc5\\x82gorzata Korzeniowska, Elena Bartkiene, Maria Papageorgiou, Monica Tarcea, Ma\\xc5\\xa1a \\xc4\\x8cerneli\\xc4\\x8d-Bizjak, Dace Klava, Vikt\\xc3\\xb3ria Sz\\xc5\\xb1cs, Elena Vittadini, Dieuwerke Bolhuis, Raquel P F Guin\\xc3\\xa. Emotions and Food Consumption: Emotional Eating Behavior in a European Population. Foods (Basel, Switzerland) vol 12 issue 4 2023 36832947 associations were found between the emotional eating behavior and stress (odds ratio (or) = 1.30, 95% confidence interval (ci) = 1.07-1.60, 2023-02-25 2023-03-06 human
Xing Ye, Renyi Li. Intervention Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Physical Fitness, Emotional State and Mental Health of Drug Addicts: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. International journal of environmental research and public health vol 20 issue 3 2023 36767656 the results of the meta-analysis showed that aerobic exercise could improve the physical fitness [body fat percentage: md = -0.74, 95%ci (-1.40, -0.08), vital capacity: md = 213.79, 95%ci (46.28, 381.29), muscle force: md = 1.21, 95%ci (0.34, 2.08), flexibility: md = 4.61, 95%ci (2.98, 6.25), balance: md = 9.95, 95%ci (6.29, 13.62)], regulate the systolic blood pressure: md = -4.38, 95%ci (-7.08, -1.68), diastolic blood pressure: md = -2.66, 95% ci (-3.82, -1.51), beats per minute: md =-1.92, 95%ci (-3.19, -0.65); emotional state [anxiety: md = -4.56, 95% ci (-5.67, -3.45), depression: md = -3.28, 95%ci (-5.16, -1.39), drug craving: smd= -1.68,95% ci(-2.56, -0.80)], and promote the mental health [anxiety: md = -0.22, 95%ci (-0.33, -0.11), obsessive-compulsive: md = -0.26, 95%ci (-0.50, -0.03), somatization: md = -0.21, 95%ci (-0.27, -0.14), depression: md = -0.21, 95%ci (-0.28, -0.15), psychoticcism: md = -0.12, 95%ci (-0.18, -0.06), phobic anxiety: md = -0.11, 95%ci (-0.16, -0.07), paranoid ideation: md = -0.09, 95%ci (-0.15, -0.02), interpersonal sensitivity: md = -0.16, 95%ci (-0.22, -0.10), hostility: md = -0.12, 95%ci (-0.18, -0.05)], with statistically significant differences( 2023-02-11 2023-03-06 Not clear
Daniel Dyball, Alexander N Bennett, Susie Schofield, Paul Cullinan, Christopher J Boos, Anthony M J Bull, Sharon Am Stevelink, Nicola T Fea. The underlying mechanisms by which PTSD symptoms are associated with cardiovascular heath in male UK military personnel: The ADVANCE cohort study. Journal of psychiatric research vol 159 issue 2023 36696788 emotional numbing was associated with greater estimated glucose disposal rate (ac -0.021 (95%ci -0.036, -0.005). 2023-01-25 2023-01-31 human
Masako Kageyama, Taku Sakamoto, Ayuna Kobayashi, Akiko Hirama, Hiroyuki Tamura, Keiko Yokoyam. Childhood Adversities and Psychological Health of Adult Children of Parents with Mental Illness in Japan. Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland) vol 11 issue 2 2023 36673582 a logistic regression analysis revealed that the experience of providing emotional care for parents during school-age childhood was significantly related to high levels of distress in adulthood (or = 3.48; 95% ci 1.21-9.96). 2023-01-21 2023-01-30 human
Jojo Yan Yan Kwok, Edmond Pui Hang Choi, Janet Yuen Ha Wong, Kris Yuet Wan Lok, Mu-Hsing Ho, Daniel Yee Tak Fong, Jackie Cheuk Yin Kwan, Shirley Yin Yu Pang, Man Auyeun. A randomized clinical trial of mindfulness meditation versus exercise in Parkinson's disease during social unrest. NPJ Parkinson's disease vol 9 issue 1 2023 36681670 compared to the srte group, generalized estimating equation analyses revealed that the mindfulness group had significantly better improvement in outcomes, particularly for improving depressive symptoms (d, -1.66; 95% ci, -3.31 to -0.02) at week 8 and maintaining emotional non-reactivity at week 20 (d, 2.08; 95% ci, 0.59 to 3.56). 2023-01-21 2023-01-30 human
Divya Joshi, Andrea Gonzalez, David Lin, Parminder Rain. The association between adverse childhood experiences and epigenetic age acceleration in the Canadian longitudinal study on aging (CLSA). Aging cell vol issue 2023 36650913 childhood exposure to parental separation or divorce (\xce\xb2: 0.06; 95% ci: 0.00, 0.11) and emotional abuse (\xce\xb2: 0.06; 95% ci: 0.00, 0.12) were associated with higher dnam grimage acceleration after adjusting for other adversities and covariates. 2023-01-18 2023-01-30 human
Eleanor E Harding, Etienne Gaudrain, Imke J Hrycyk, Robert L Harris, Barbara Tillmann, Bert Maat, Rolien H Free, Deniz Ba\\xc5\\x9fken. Musical Emotion Categorization with Vocoders of Varying Temporal and Spectral Content. Trends in hearing vol 27 issue 2023 36628512 while previous research investigating music emotion perception of cochlear implant (ci) users observed that temporal cues informing tempo largely convey emotional arousal (relaxing/stimulating), it remains unclear how other properties of the temporal content may contribute to the transmission of arousal features. 2023-01-11 2023-01-30 human
Eleanor E Harding, Etienne Gaudrain, Imke J Hrycyk, Robert L Harris, Barbara Tillmann, Bert Maat, Rolien H Free, Deniz Ba\\xc5\\x9fken. Musical Emotion Categorization with Vocoders of Varying Temporal and Spectral Content. Trends in hearing vol 27 issue 2023 36628512 the reliance on arousal information for emotion categorization of vocoded music suggests that efforts to refine temporal cues in the ci user signal may immediately benefit their music emotion perception. 2023-01-11 2023-01-30 human
Megan Parker, Hannah Brady Sawant, Thuvia Flannery, Rachel Tarrant, Jenna Shardha, Rebecca Bannister, Denise Ross, Stephen Halpin, Darren C Greenwood, Manoj Siva. Effect of using a structured pacing protocol on post-exertional symptom exacerbation and health status in a longitudinal cohort with the post-COVID-19 syndrome. Journal of medical virology vol 95 issue 1 2023 36461167 eq-5d 5l was completed at the intervention's beginning and end to measure overall health.\xc2\xa0thirty-one participants completed the 6-week protocol, with a statistically and clinically significant reduction in the average number of pese episodes (from 3.4 episodes in week 1\xc2\xa0to 1.1 in week 6), with an average decrease of 16% (95% ci: 9%-24%; p\xe2\x80\x89<\xe2\x80\x890.001) each week, and reduction across all three exertional triggers (physical, cognitive, and emotional). 2023-01-10 2023-01-31 human
Celina Isabelle von Eiff, Sascha Fr\\xc3\\xbchholz, Daniela Korth, Orlando Guntinas-Lichius, Stefan Robert Schweinberge. Crossmodal benefits to vocal emotion perception in cochlear implant users. iScience vol 25 issue 12 2022 36578321 in experiment 1, 26 ci users and normal-hearing (nh) individuals classified emotions for auditory-only, av congruent, or av incongruent utterances. 2022-12-29 2023-01-30 Not clear
Gene Chibuchim Otuonye, Nancy Shenoi, Tianshi David Wu, Kalpalatha Guntupalli, Nidal Moukadda. \" Frontiers in public health vol 10 issue 2022 36466537 home-related life changes due to covid-19 were associated with 143% higher odds of emotional burnout [adjusted odds ratio (aor) 2.43; 95% confidence interval (ci) 1.49, 3.98] after covariate adjusted analysis. 2022-12-05 2023-01-30 human
Shanyu Zhou, Huiqing Chen, Ming Liu, Tianjian Wang, Haijuan Xu, Rongzong Li, Shibiao S. The relationship between occupational stress and job burnout among female manufacturing workers in Guangdong, China: a cross-sectional study. Scientific reports vol 12 issue 1 2022 36418336 after adjusting for sociodemographic characteristics, job strain was a risk factor for emotional exhaustion (or\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x892.27, 95% ci: 1.61-3.20) and depersonalization (or\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x891.96 95% ci: 1.45-2.64). 2022-11-23 2023-01-30 Not clear
Shanyu Zhou, Huiqing Chen, Ming Liu, Tianjian Wang, Haijuan Xu, Rongzong Li, Shibiao S. The relationship between occupational stress and job burnout among female manufacturing workers in Guangdong, China: a cross-sectional study. Scientific reports vol 12 issue 1 2022 36418336 furthermore, female workers with high overcommitment had an increased risk of emotional exhaustion (or\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x893.07, 95% ci: 2.06-4.58) and depersonalization (or\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x892.83, 95% ci: 1.92-4.17), while higher social support reduced the risk of emotional exhaustion (or\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x890.37, 95% ci: 0.26-0.53). 2022-11-23 2023-01-30 Not clear
Song Song, Ruoxiang Tu, Yao Lu, Shi Yin, Hankun Lin, Yiqiang Xia. Restorative Effects from Green Exposure: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Control Trials. International journal of environmental research and public health vol 19 issue 21 2022 36361386 compared to non-green space situations, green space exposure was related to decreased negative feelings, such as fatigue -0.84 (95% ci: -1.15 to -0.54), and increased levels of pleasant emotions, such as vitality 0.85 (95% ci: 0.52 to 1.18). 2022-11-11 2023-01-30 Not clear
Tatiana de Oliveira Sato, Beatriz Suelen Ferreira de Faria, Bianca Biason Albuquerque, Fabio Leandro da Silva, Luiza Salvador Rohwedder, Renata Trivelato de Azevedo, Josiane Sotrate Gon\\xc3\\xa7alves, Ludmilla Maria Souza Mattos de Ara\\xc3\\xbajo Vieira, Maria Isabel Triches, Ros\\xc3\\xa2ngela Aparecida de Sousa, Viviane de Freitas Cardoso, Vivian Aline Minine. Poor Health Conditions among Brazilian Healthcare Workers: The Study Design and Baseline Characteristics of the HEROES Cohort. Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland) vol 10 issue 10 2022 36292544 the most unfavourable psychosocial factors were work pace (61%; 95% ci: 52-69%), emotional work demands (75%; 95% ci: 67-82%), predictability (47%; 95% ci: 39-56%), work-family conflict (55%; 95% ci: 46-64%), burnout (86%; 95% ci: 78-91%), and stress (81%; 95% ci: 73-87%). 2022-10-27 2023-01-30 Not clear
Kristiana Siste, Jacub Pandelaki, Jun Miyata, Naoya Oishi, Kosuke Tsurumi, Hironobu Fujiwara, Toshiya Murai, Martina Wiwie Nasrun, Tjhin Wiguna, Saptawati Bardosono, Rini Sekartini, Riza Sarasvita, Belinda Julivia Murtani, Lee Thung Sen, Karina Kalani Firdau. Altered Resting-State Network in Adolescents with Problematic Internet Use. Journal of clinical medicine vol 11 issue 19 2022 36233704 among these significant group differences, the rsfc between the lpfc(l) and mpfc was mediated by emotional symptoms (standardized \xce\xb2 = -0.12, 95% ci -0.29, -0.0052). 2022-10-14 2023-01-30 human
Urszula Zwierczyk, Christoph Sowada, Mariusz Duplag. Eating Choices-The Roles of Motivation and Health Literacy: A Cross-Sectional Study. Nutrients vol 14 issue 19 2022 36235678 health motivation was negatively associated with iufc (b, standard error (se): 0.83, 0.07; 95% confidence interval (95% ci): 0.98-0.69), but positively with emotional (b, se: 0.22, 0.04; 95% ci: 0.14-0.3), economic (b, se: 0.41, 0.08; 95% ci: 0.25-0.56), and marketing (b, se: 0.62, 0.08; 95% ci: 0.47-0.78) motivations. 2022-10-14 2023-01-30 Not clear
Lucy Platt, Raven Bowen, Pippa Grenfell, Rachel Stuart, M D Sarker, Kathleen Hill, Josephine Walker, Xavier Javarez, Carolyn Henham, Sibongile Mtetwa, James Hargreaves, M-C Boily, Peter Vickerman, Paz Hernandez, Jocelyn Elme. The Effect of Systemic Racism and Homophobia on Police Enforcement and Sexual and Emotional Violence among Sex Workers in East London: Findings from a Cohort Study. Journal of urban health : bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine vol issue 2022 36222972 lgb-identifying sex workers (55.4%) were more vulnerable to rape (aor 2.4, 95% ci 1.1-5.2) and emotional violence. 2022-10-12 2023-01-30 Not clear