All Relations between emotional and dr

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Akiko Harauma, Mizuki Murai, Ito Nakamura, Toru Moriguch. Anxiety-like behaviors in artificially reared mice is reduced by contact with foster mothers. Physiology & behavior vol issue 2022 36495998 this suggests that care with physical contact and warmth from foster mothers leads to emotional development similar to that of dr mice, even when reared on artificial milk. 2022-12-10 2023-01-30 mouse
Akiko Harauma, Mizuki Murai, Ito Nakamura, Toru Moriguch. Anxiety-like behaviors in artificially reared mice is reduced by contact with foster mothers. Physiology & behavior vol issue 2022 36495998 therefore, in addition to ar and dr groups, we produced a third group of mice cared for by ovariectomized foster mothers except during nursing time (ar+ovx) and investigated the impact of infant rearing environment on emotional behavior in adult male c57bl/6j mice. 2022-12-10 2023-01-30 mouse
R Girn, A Punch, Y A Jimene. Diagnostic radiography students' perceptions of working in the clinical environment: A focus on emotional challenges. Radiography (London, England : 1995) vol issue 2021 34838439 diagnostic radiography (dr) students experience situations that affect their emotional wellbeing during clinical placements. 2021-11-28 2023-01-26 Not clear
Jennifer C Wolff, Abbe Garcia, Lourah M Kelly, Elisabeth A Frazier, Richard N Jones, Anthony Spirit. Feasibility of decision rule-based treatment of comorbid youth: A pilot randomized control trial. Behaviour research and therapy vol 131 issue 2021 32353635 dr showed significant reductions in emotion dysregulation at 6-month follow-up, while seq did not. 2021-10-19 2023-01-26 human
Shou-Zen Fan, Chih-Wei Sung, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Sheng-Rong Yeh, Wei-Sheng Lin, Pei-Yu Wan. Nervous System Deletion of Mammalian INDY in Mice Mimics Dietary Restriction-Induced Memory Enhancement. The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences vol 76 issue 1 2021 32808644 both dr and mindy ko mice act normally in other behavioral tasks, including emotional, social, and food-seeking behaviors. 2021-07-15 2023-01-26 mouse
G C Nascimento, B B de Paula, C A Lowry, C R A Leite-Paniss. Temporomandibular inflammation mobilizes parvalbumin and FosB/deltaFosB neurons of amygdala and dorsal raphe. Brazilian journal of medical and biological research = Revista brasileira de pesquisas medicas e biologicas vol 53 issue 8 2020 32578721 we hypothesized that an altered neuronal activity occurs in the amygdala and the dorsal raphe nucleus (dr), encephalic regions involved in the modulation of painful and emotional information. 2020-08-28 2023-01-26 rat
Eric W Prouty, Daniel J Chandler, Wen-Jun Gao, Barry D Waterhous. Selective vulnerability of dorsal raphe-medial prefrontal cortex projection neurons to corticosterone-induced hypofunction. The European journal of neuroscience vol 50 issue 1 2020 30687960 the goal of this work was to determine if chronic exogenous glucocorticoid administration differentially affects the electrophysiological profile of dr neurons implicated in the regulation of emotion versus visual sensation by comparing properties of cells projecting to medial prefrontal cortex (mpfc) versus lateral geniculate nucleus (lgn). 2020-08-14 2023-01-26 rat
Caroline Rusterhol. 'You Can't Dismiss that as Being Less Happy, You See it is Different'. Sexual Counselling in 1950s England. 20 century British history vol 30 issue 3 2019 30986822 this article uses the audio recordings of sexual counselling sessions carried out by dr joan malleson, a birth control activist and committed family planning doctor in the early 1950s, which are held at the wellcome library in london as a case study to explore the ways malleson and the patients mobilised emotions for respectively managing sexual problems and expressing what they understood as constituting a 'good sexuality' in postwar britain. 2019-11-15 2023-01-26 Not clear
Jacqueline L Kinley, Sandra M Reyn. The Price of Needing to Belong: Neurobiology of Working Through Attachment Trauma. Psychodynamic psychiatry vol 47 issue 1 2019 30840555 we have developed a dynamic relational (dr) model of psychotherapy that aims to restore a healthy sense of belonging, targeting levels of activation and integration of large scale neural networks in the service of increasing the emotional capacities (attunement, processing, regulation, and expression) required to work through attachment trauma and establish healthy relationships. 2019-04-09 2023-01-26 Not clear
M Allie Holschbach, Erika M Vitale, Joseph S Lonstei. Serotonin-specific lesions of the dorsal raphe disrupt maternal aggression and caregiving in postpartum rats. Behavioural brain research vol 348 issue 2018 29653128 to address this, serotonin-specific lesions centered on the dorsomedial dr (drdm; dr subregion strongly implicated in emotional behaviors) were induced at mid-pregnancy (day 15) or early postpartum (day 2) in rats using a saporin-conjugated neurotoxin targeting the serotonin transporter (anti-sert-sap). 2018-11-05 2023-01-26 rat
Eric W Prouty, Daniel J Chandler, Barry D Waterhous. Neurochemical differences between target-specific populations of rat dorsal raphe projection neurons. Brain research vol 1675 issue 2018 28867482 the goal of this study was to link dr neurons to a specific functional role by characterizing cells according to both their neurotransmitter expression and efferent connectivity; specifically, cells projecting to the medial prefrontal cortex (mpfc), a region implicated in cognition, emotion, and responses to stress. 2018-05-22 2023-01-26 rat
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Kathryn G Common. Ascending serotonin neuron diversity under two umbrellas. Brain structure & function vol 221 issue 7 2017 26740230 serotonin neurons within the rostral dr are uniquely interconnected with brain areas associated with emotion and motivation such as the amygdala, accumbens and ventral pallidum. 2017-09-29 2023-01-25 Not clear
Yvonne M Ulrich-Lai, Stephanie Fulton, Mark Wilson, Gorica Petrovich, Linda Rinama. Stress exposure, food intake and emotional state. Stress (Amsterdam, Netherlands) vol 18 issue 4 2016 26303312 finally, dr gorica petrovich discusses her research program that is aimed at defining cortical-amygdalar-hypothalamic circuitry responsible for curbing food intake during emotional threat (i.e. 2016-07-13 2023-01-25 rat
Vincent Beliveau, Claus Svarer, Vibe G Frokjaer, Gitte M Knudsen, Douglas N Greve, Patrick M Fishe. Functional connectivity of the dorsal and median raphe nuclei at rest. NeuroImage vol 116 issue 2016 25963733 our results provide evidence for a resting-state network related to dr and mr and comprising regions receiving serotonergic innervation and centrally involved in 5-ht related behaviors including emotion, cognition and reward processing. 2016-04-08 2023-01-25 human
Mariano Soiza-Reilly, Wayne B Anderson, Christopher W Vaughan, Kathryn G Common. Presynaptic gating of excitation in the dorsal raphe nucleus by GABA. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol 110 issue 39 2013 24019494 the dorsal raphe nucleus (dr) controls forebrain serotonin neurotransmission to influence emotional states. 2013-12-11 2023-01-25 rat
Ye S Yoon, Hyun S Le. Projection patterns of lateral hypothalamic, cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript (CART) neurons to the dorsal raphe and/or the locus coeruleus in the rat. Brain research vol 1494 issue 2013 23206801 cart/mch co-containing neurons projecting to the dr or lc might be involved in the feeding-related regulation of arousal, stress-related responses, and emotional behaviors. 2013-07-03 2023-01-25 rat
R Pabst, D-H Park, V Paulman. [The German academic degree \"Dr. med.\" is better than its reputation. Results of a questionnaire of doctoral students]. Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift (1946) vol 137 issue 45 2013 23111793 recently there were mostly emotional debates about the scientific background and relevance of the german academic title "dr. 2013-01-04 2023-01-25 Not clear