All Relations between language understanding and brodmann area 7

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Chun Yin Liu, Ran Tao, Lang Qin, Stephen Matthews, Wai Ting Sio. Functional connectivity during orthographic, phonological, and semantic processing of Chinese characters identifies distinct visuospatial and phonosemantic networks. Human brain mapping vol issue 2022 36097409 orthographic processing more strongly recruited the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, left superior parietal lobule and bilateral fusiform gyri; semantic processing more strongly recruited the left inferior frontal gyrus and left middle temporal gyrus, whereas phonological processing more strongly activated the dorsal part of the precentral gyrus. 2022-09-13 2022-09-14 Not clear
Qunlin Chen, Roger E Beaty, Zaixu Cui, Jiangzhou Sun, Hong He, Kaixiang Zhuang, Zhiting Ren, Guangyuan Liu, Jiang Qi. Brain hemispheric involvement in visuospatial and verbal divergent thinking. NeuroImage vol 202 issue 2020 31398434 in contrast, high verbal divergent thinking performance could be predicted by inter-hemispheric balance within regions mainly involved in complex semantic processing (e.g., lateral temporal cortex and inferior frontal gyrus) and cognitive control processing (e.g., inferior frontal gyrus, middle frontal cortex, and superior parietal lobule). 2020-09-11 2022-01-13 Not clear
Giorgio M Innocenti, Tim B Dyrby, Kasper Winther Andersen, Eric M Rouiller, Roberto Caminit. The Crossed Projection to the Striatum in Two Species of Monkey and in Humans: Behavioral and Evolutionary Significance. Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991) vol 27 issue 6 2018 27282154 in humans, we discovered a new projection originating from superior parietal lobule, supramarginal, and superior temporal gyrus, regions engaged in language processing. 2018-03-19 2022-01-12 Not clear
Jie Liu, Han Zhang, Chuansheng Chen, Hui Chen, Jiaxin Cui, Xinlin Zho. The neural circuits for arithmetic principles. NeuroImage vol 147 issue 2018 27986609 in contrast, computation elicited greater activation in bilateral horizontal intraparietal sulcus (extending to posterior superior parietal lobule) than did either arithmetic principles or language processing. 2018-02-22 2022-01-13 Not clear
Andrew J Westphal, Nicco Reggente, Kaori L Ito, Jesse Rissma. Shared and distinct contributions of rostrolateral prefrontal cortex to analogical reasoning and episodic memory retrieval. Human brain mapping vol 37 issue 3 2016 26663572 during the memory task, this region strengthened its connectivity with the default mode and memory retrieval networks, whereas during the reasoning task it coupled more strongly with a nearby left prefrontal region (ba 45) associated with semantic processing, as well as with a superior parietal region associated with visuospatial processing. 2016-10-28 2022-01-12 Not clear
Laura Menenti, Karl Magnus Petersson, Peter Hagoor. From reference to sense: how the brain encodes meaning for speaking. Frontiers in psychology vol 2 issue 2012 22279438 strikingly, a widespread network of areas associated with language processing (left middle frontal gyrus, bilateral superior parietal lobes and bilateral posterior temporal gyri) all showed repetition suppression to both sense and reference processing. 2012-10-02 2022-01-12 Not clear