All Relations between memory updating and semantics

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Katherine S Aboud, Tin Q Nguyen, Stephanie N Del Tufo, Catie Chang, David H Zald, Alexandra P Key, Gavin R Price, Bennett A Landman, Laurie E Cuttin. Rapid interactions of widespread brain networks characterize semantic cognition. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience vol issue 2022 36384679 incorporation of spatial and temporal characteristics, as well as behavioral measures, provide convergent evidence for the following progression: a hippocampal-anterior temporal phonological-semantic retrieval network (peaking at \xe2\x88\xbc300 ms after the sentence final word); a fronto-temporal thematic semantic network (\xe2\x88\xbc400 ms); a hippocampal memory update network (\xe2\x88\xbc500 ms); an inferior frontal semantic-syntactic re-appraisal network (\xe2\x88\xbc600 ms); and nodes of the default mode network associated with conceptual coherence (\xe2\x88\xbc750 ms). 2022-11-17 2022-11-21 Not clear