All Relations between representation and mtt

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Zaoyi Sun, Qingyan Li, Fei Luo, Liang X. Mental time travel ability influences the representation of events and emotional expressions: evidence from microblogs. BMC psychology vol 11 issue 1 2023 36869402 using text analysis methods, we explore the linguistic representation and emotional expression of people with various mtt abilities. 2023-03-03 2023-03-06 Not clear
Ruihan Zhang, Shoupeng Ren, Qi Dai, Tianze Shen, Xiaoli Li, Jin Li, Weilie Xia. InflamNat: web-based database and predictor of anti-inflammatory natural products. Journal of cheminformatics vol 14 issue 1 2022 35659771 a novel multi-tokenization transformer model (mtt) was proposed as the sequential encoder for both predictive tools to obtain a high-quality representation of sequential data. 2022-06-06 2023-01-27 Not clear
Christelle Larzabal, Nad\\xc3\\xa8ge Bacon-Mac\\xc3\\xa9, Sophie Muratot, Simon J Thorp. Tracking Your Mind's Eye during Recollection: Decoding the Long-Term Recall of Short Audiovisual Clips. Journal of cognitive neuroscience vol 32 issue 1 2021 31560269 the multiple trace theory (mtt) explains the gradual loss of episodic details by a transformation in the memory representation, a view that is not shared by the standard consolidation model. 2021-05-06 2023-01-26 human
Scott N Cole, S\\xc3\\xb8ren R Staugaard, Dorthe Berntse. Inducing involuntary and voluntary mental time travel using a laboratory paradigm. Memory & cognition vol 44 issue 3 2017 26489747 this study advances scientific understanding of involuntary future representations in healthy populations and validates a laboratory paradigm that can be flexibly and systematically utilized to explore different characteristics of voluntary and involuntary mtt, which has not been possible within naturalistic paradigms. 2017-02-13 2023-01-25 human
Yuichi Ito, Yosuke Hattori, Jun Kawaguch. [Remembering past events activates temporal concepts of future]. Shinrigaku kenkyu : The Japanese journal of psychology vol 86 issue 4 2016 26562943 remembering the past and imaging the future during mtt both draw on information stored in episodic memory: a process that enables integration of episodic information into a coherent event representation. 2016-02-18 2023-01-25 Not clear
Anne S Rasmussen, Dorthe Berntse. The reality of the past versus the ideality of the future: emotional valence and functional differences between past and future mental time travel. Memory & cognition vol 41 issue 2 2014 23055119 at the same time, one major difference between past and future mtt is that future as compared to past events generally are more emotionally positive and idyllic, suggesting that the two types of event representations may also serve different functions for emotion, self, and behavioral regulation. 2014-04-29 2023-01-25 human
Brittany M Christian, Lynden K Miles, C Neil Macra. Your space or mine? Mapping self in time. PloS one vol 7 issue 11 2013 23166617 while humans are capable of mentally transcending the here and now, this faculty for mental time travel (mtt) is dependent upon an underlying cognitive representation of time. 2013-05-06 2023-01-25 human
Da-rong W. [Modern testing theory and its application in the field of health measurement]. Zhong xi yi jie he xue bao = Journal of Chinese integrative medicine vol 10 issue 3 2012 22409916 this paper briefly introduces item response theory (irt) as a typical representation of modern testing theory (mtt), and systematically reviews the processes and contents of the application of irt in the area of health measurement, including, for example, item bank development, scale revision and computerized adaptive testing. 2012-12-17 2023-01-25 Not clear
Dorthe Berntsen, Anne Staerk Jacobse. Involuntary (spontaneous) mental time travel into the past and future. Consciousness and cognition vol 17 issue 4 2009 18424178 mtt into the distant future/past involved more representations of cultural life script events than mtt into the immediate past/future. 2009-03-05 2023-01-24 Not clear
Dorthe Berntsen, Anne Staerk Jacobse. Involuntary (spontaneous) mental time travel into the past and future. Consciousness and cognition vol 17 issue 4 2009 18424178 future mtt involved more positive and idyllic representations than past mtt. 2009-03-05 2023-01-24 Not clear
Arnauld Serg\\xc3\\xa9, Nicolas Bertaux, Herv\\xc3\\xa9 Rigneault, Didier Margue. Dynamic multiple-target tracing to probe spatiotemporal cartography of cell membranes. Nature methods vol 5 issue 8 2008 18604216 mtt can be used to generate dynamic maps at high densities of tracked particles, thereby providing global representation of molecular dynamics in cell membranes. 2008-08-29 2023-01-25 Not clear