All Relations between mog and superior occipital gyrus

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Yinhuan Xu, Ruiping Zheng, Huirong Guo, Yarui Wei, Baohong Wen, Shufan Dai, Shaoqiang Han, Jingliang Cheng, Yan Zhan. Structural and functional deficits and couplings in severe and moderate OCD. Journal of psychiatric research vol 160 issue 2023 36870233 anova analysis showed that both s-ocd and m-ocd had increased volume in anterior cingulate cortex(acc), left precuneus(l-pre) and paracentral lobule(pcl), postcentral gyrus, left inferior occipital gyrus(l-iog) and right superior occipital gyrus(r-sog) and bilateral cuneus, middle occipital gyrus(mog), and calcarine. 2023-03-04 2023-03-06 human
Yan Liu, Qiang Li, Tianyi Zhang, Lei Wang, Yarong Wang, Jiajie Chen, Jia Zhu, Hong Shi, Wei Wang, Wei L. Differences in small-world networks between methamphetamine and heroin use disorder patients and their relationship with psychiatric symptoms. Brain imaging and behavior vol issue 2022 36018531 the maud patients also showed reduced edge connectivity between left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlpfc) and left middle occipital gyrus (mog), as well as between bilateral orbitofrontal cortex (ofc) and bilateral superior occipital gyrus (sog), left mog, or right cuneus. 2022-08-26 2023-01-30 human
Abiot Y Derbie, Bolton K H Chau, Clive H Y Wong, Li-Dian Chen, Kin-Hung Ting, Bess Y H Lam, Tatia M C Lee, Chetwyn C H Chan, Yoland Smit. Common and distinct neural trends of allocentric and egocentric spatial coding: An ALE meta-analysis. The European journal of neuroscience vol 53 issue 11 2021 33880818 between-type differences were in the parieto-occipital circuit, with allocentric showing convergence in the superior occipital gyrus (sog) cluster compared with egocentric showing convergence in the middle occipital gyrus (mog) cluster. 2021-06-30 2023-01-26 Not clear
Omar F F Odish, Robert H A M Reijntjes, Simon J A van den Bogaard, Raymund A C Roos, Alexander Leeman. Progressive microstructural changes of the occipital cortex in Huntington's disease. Brain imaging and behavior vol 12 issue 6 2019 29492750 we found that the longitudinal rate of diffusivity change in the superior occipital gyrus (sog), middle occipital gyrus (mog), and inferior occipital gyrus (iog) was significantly higher in early hd compared to both prehd and controls (all p's\xe2\x80\x89\xe2\x89\xa4\xe2\x80\x890.005), which can be interpreted as an increased rate of microstructural degeneration. 2019-04-03 2023-01-26 human
Ke Zou, Qing Gao, Zhiliang Long, Fei Xu, Xiao Sun, Huafu Chen, Xueli Su. Abnormal functional connectivity density in first-episode, drug-naive adult patients with major depressive disorder. Journal of affective disorders vol 194 issue 2016 26826535 compared with the hc group, mdd patients showed significantly decreased short-range fcd in the left superior temporal gyrus (stg), the right orbital frontal cortex (ofc) and bilateral precuneus, while significantly decreased long-range fcd was found in bilateral middle occipital gyrus (mog), superior occipital gyrus (sog) and right calcarine. 2016-09-29 2023-01-25 human
Ela B Plow, Zaira Cattaneo, Thomas A Carlson, George A Alvarez, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Lorella Battell. The compensatory dynamic of inter-hemispheric interactions in visuospatial attention revealed using rTMS and fMRI. Frontiers in human neuroscience vol 8 issue 2014 24860462 areas ventro-lateral to left ips, including inferior parietal lobule (ipl), lateral ips (lips), and middle occipital gyrus (mog), showed decreased activity following rtms, while dorsomedial areas, such as superior parietal lobule (spl), superior occipital gyrus (sog), and lingual gyrus, as well as middle temporal areas (mt+), showed higher activity. 2014-05-26 2023-01-25 human