All Relations between cerebellum purkinje cell and cerebellum

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Mireia Ortega, Ilario De Toma, \\xc3\\x81lvaro Fern\\xc3\\xa1ndez-Blanco, Anna Calder\\xc3\\xb3n, Luc\\xc3\\xada Barahona, Ram\\xc3\\xb3n Trull\\xc3\\xa0s, Eduard Sabid\\xc3\\xb3, Mara Diersse. Proteomic profiling reveals mitochondrial dysfunction in the cerebellum of transgenic mice overexpressing DYRK1A, a Down syndrome candidate gene. Frontiers in molecular neuroscience vol 15 issue 2023 36590914 dyrk1a has also been implicated in cerebellar abnormalities observed in association with ds, and normalization of dyrk1a dosage rescues granular and purkinje cell densities in a trisomic ds mouse model. 2023-01-02 2023-01-05 Not clear
A Barri, M T Wiechert, M Jazayeri, D A DiGregori. Synaptic basis of a sub-second representation of time in a neural circuit model. Nature communications vol 13 issue 1 2022 36550115 a cerebellar circuit model equipped with dynamic synapses produced a diverse set of transient granule cell firing patterns that provided a temporal basis set for learning precisely timed pauses in purkinje cell activity during simulated delay eyelid conditioning and bayesian interval estimation. 2022-12-22 2022-12-28 Not clear
Asha Vijayan, Shyam Diwaka. A cerebellum inspired spiking neural network as a multi-model for pattern classification and robotic trajectory prediction. Frontiers in neuroscience vol 16 issue 2022 36518530 in the current work, a cerebellum-inspired spiking neural network with dynamics of cerebellar neurons and learning mechanisms attributed to the granular layer, purkinje cell (pc) layer, and cerebellar nuclei interconnected by excitatory and inhibitory synapses was implemented. 2022-12-15 2022-12-28 Not clear
Mario Mant. The underpinnings of cerebellar ataxias. Clinical neurophysiology practice vol 7 issue 2022 36504687 the cerebellar cortex is arranged into three layers: the molecular layer (external), the purkinje cell layer and the granular layer (internal). 2022-12-12 2022-12-15 Not clear
Stijn Voerman, Bastiaan H A Urbanus, Martijn Schonewille, Joshua J White, Chris I De Zeeu. Postsynaptic plasticity of Purkinje cells in mice is determined by molecular identity. Communications biology vol 5 issue 1 2022 36463347 cerebellar learning is expressed as upbound or downbound changes in simple spike activity of purkinje cell subpopulations, but the underlying mechanism remains enigmatic. 2022-12-03 2022-12-08 Not clear
Cheryl Brandenburg, Anthony J Griswold, Derek J Van Booven, Michaela B C Kilander, Jeannine A Frei, Michael W Nestor, Derek M Dykxhoorn, Margaret A Pericak-Vance, Gene J Blat. Transcriptomic analysis of isolated and pooled human postmortem cerebellar Purkinje cells in autism spectrum disorders. Frontiers in genetics vol 13 issue 2022 36437953 however, studies from human postmortem asd brains have consistently revealed disruptions in cerebellar circuitry, specifically reductions in purkinje cell (pc) number and size. 2022-11-28 2022-11-29 Not clear
Nadia L Cerminara, Martin Garwicz, Henry Darch, Conor Houghton, Dilwyn E Marple-Horvat, Richard App. Neuronal activity patterns in microcircuits of the cerebellar cortical C3 zone during reaching. The Journal of physiology vol issue 2022 36254104 these are defined by their inputs from specific parts of the inferior olive and purkinje cell output to specific cerebellar and vestibular nuclei. 2022-11-09 2022-11-15 Not clear
Deniz Yilmazer-Hanke, Najwa Ouali Alami, Lubin Fang, Sigried Klotz, Gabor G Kovacs, Helmut Pankratz, Joachim Weis, Istvan Katona, Angelika Scheuerle, Wolfgang J Streit, Kelly Del Tredic. Differential Glial Chitotriosidase 1 (CHIT1) and Chitinase 3-like protein 1 (CHI3L1) Expression in the Human Primary Visual Cortex and Cerebellum after Global Hypoxia-Ischemia. Neuroscience vol issue 2022 36332693 initial striatal cortical and cerebellar purkinje cell damage, detectable already 1/2 d after hibi, led to delayed neuronal death, whereas loss of cerebellar nfh-positive stellate and calr-positive granule cells was variable. 2022-11-04 2022-11-08 Not clear
Sylvie Picker-Minh, Ilaria Luperi, Ethiraj Ravindran, Nadine Kraemer, Sami Zaqout, Gisela Stoltenburg-Didinger, Olaf Ninnemann, Luis R Hernandez-Miranda, Shyamala Mani, Angela M Kaind. PTRH2 is Necessary for Purkinje Cell Differentiation and Survival and its Loss Recapitulates Progressive Cerebellar Atrophy and Ataxia Seen in IMNEPD Patients. Cerebellum (London, England) vol issue 2022 36219306 ptrh2 is necessary for purkinje cell differentiation and survival and its loss recapitulates progressive cerebellar atrophy and ataxia seen in imnepd patients. 2022-10-11 2022-10-25 Not clear
Deniz A Madencioglu, Karina A Kruth, Thomas H Wassink, Vincent A Magnotta, John A Wemmie, Aislinn J William. Modeling Human Cerebellar Development In Vitro in 2D Structure. Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE vol issue 187 2022 36190246 at 35 days of differentiation, ipsc-derived cerebellar cell cultures express cerebellar markers including atoh1, ptf1\xce\xb1, pax6, and kirrel2, suggesting that this protocol generates glutamatergic and gabaergic cerebellar neuronal precursors, as well as purkinje cell progenitors. 2022-10-03 2022-10-10 Not clear
Caila A Pilo, Timothy R Baffi, Alexandr P Kornev, Maya T Kunkel, Mario Malfavon, Dong-Hui Chen, Leigh-Ana Rossitto, Daniel X Chen, Liang-Chin Huang, Cheryl Longman, Natarajan Kannan, Wendy H Raskind, David J Gonzalez, Susan S Taylor, George Gorrie, Alexandra C Newto. Mutations in protein kinase C\\xce\\xb3 promote spinocerebellar ataxia type 14 by impairing kinase autoinhibition. Science signaling vol 15 issue 753 2022 36166510 spinocerebellar ataxia type 14 (sca14) is a neurodegenerative disease caused by germline variants in the diacylglycerol (dag)/ca2+-regulated protein kinase c\xce\xb3 (pkc\xce\xb3), leading to purkinje cell degeneration and progressive cerebellar dysfunction. 2022-09-29 2022-11-15 Not clear
Elizabeth J Apsley, Esther B E Becke. Purkinje Cell Patterning-Insights from Single-Cell Sequencing. Cells vol 11 issue 18 2022 36139493 traditional methods have characterized cerebellar development and cell types, including purkinje cell subtypes, based on knowledge of selected markers. 2022-09-23 2022-09-29 Not clear
Masoumeh Nowrozi, Nader Goodarz. Microanatomy of the cerebellum in Persian squirrel (Sciurus anomalus), a transmission electron microscopy, and immunohistochemical study. Microscopy research and technique vol issue 2022 36106658 the cerebellar cortex was composed of three traditional cellular layers, including molecular, granular and purkinje cell (pc) layers. 2022-09-15 2022-09-29 Not clear
Ilknur \\xc3\\x96zen, Hongcheng Mai, Alessandro De Maio, Karsten Ruscher, Georgios Michalettos, Fredrik Clausen, Michael Gottschalk, Saema Ansar, Sertan Arkan, Ali Erturk, Niklas Marklun. Purkinje cell vulnerability induced by diffuse traumatic brain injury is linked to disruption of long-range neuronal circuits. Acta neuropathologica communications vol 10 issue 1 2022 36064443 despite a lack of direct input from the injury site to the cerebellum, these findings argue for novel long-range mechanisms causing purkinje cell injury that likely contribute to cerebellar dysfunction after tbi. 2022-09-05 2022-09-14 Not clear
Justine H Liang, Jonathan Alevy, Viktor Akhanov, Ryan Seo, Cory A Massey, Danye Jiang, Joy Zhou, Roy V Sillitoe, Jeffrey L Noebels, Melanie A Samue. Kctd7 deficiency induces myoclonic seizures associated with Purkinje cell death and microvascular defects. Disease models & mechanisms vol issue 2022 35972048 we also show that kctd7 is required for purkinje cell survival in the cerebellum and that selective degeneration of these neurons is accompanied by defects in cerebellar brain microvascular organization and patterning. 2022-08-16 2022-08-22 Not clear
Timothy Hua, Chang Liu, Sonia Kiran, Kelly Gray, Sunghoon Jung, David G Meckes, Yan Li, Qing-Xiang Amy San. Phenotypic, metabolic, and biogenesis properties of human stem cell-derived cerebellar spheroids. Scientific reports vol 12 issue 1 2022 35896708 however, the expression of cerebellar genes for the molecular layer (bhle22), the granule cell layer (gabrb2, pax6, tmem266, kcnip4), the bergmann glial cells (qk1, dao), and the purkinje cell layer (arhgef33, kit, mx1, myh10, ppp1r17, scgn) was significantly higher in the rcp condition than the control. 2022-07-27 2022-08-08 Not clear
John E Greenlee, H Robert Brashea. The Discovery of Anti-Yo (Anti-PCA1) Antibody in Patients with Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneration: Opening a Window into Autoimmune Neurological Disease. Cerebellum (London, England) vol issue 2022 35881322 although the role of anti-yo antibody in cerebellar injury has not been established in living animals, in vitro studies have demonstrated that anti-yo antibody causes purkinje cell death in the absence of t lymphocytes. 2022-07-26 2022-08-08 Not clear
Yuning Liu, Hong Xing, Alexis F Ernst, Canna Liu, Christian Maugee, Fumiaki Yokoi, Madepalli Lakshmana, Yuqing L. Hyperactivity of Purkinje cell and motor deficits in C9orf72 knockout mice. Molecular and cellular neurosciences vol issue 2022 35843530 manipulating the purkinje cell firing or cerebellar output may contribute to c9orf72-associated als/ftd treatment. 2022-07-17 2022-07-19 Not clear
Maxime Veleanu, Beetsi Urrieta-Ch\\xc3\\xa1vez, S\\xc3\\xa9verine M Sigoillot, Ma\\xc3\\xabla A Paul, Alessia Usardi, Keerthana Iyer, Marine Delagrange, Joseph P Doyle, Nathaniel Heintz, Carine B\\xc3\\xa9camel, Fekrije Selim. Modified climbing fiber/Purkinje cell synaptic connectivity in the cerebellum of the neonatal phencyclidine model of schizophrenia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol 119 issue 21 2022 35588456 we found that, while the global cerebellar cytoarchitecture and purkinje cell spontaneous spiking properties are unchanged, climbing fiber/purkinje cell synaptic connectivity is increased in juvenile mice. 2022-07-16 2022-07-19 Not clear
Maxime Veleanu, Beetsi Urrieta-Ch\\xc3\\xa1vez, S\\xc3\\xa9verine M Sigoillot, Ma\\xc3\\xabla A Paul, Alessia Usardi, Keerthana Iyer, Marine Delagrange, Joseph P Doyle, Nathaniel Heintz, Carine B\\xc3\\xa9camel, Fekrije Selim. Modified climbing fiber/Purkinje cell synaptic connectivity in the cerebellum of the neonatal phencyclidine model of schizophrenia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol 119 issue 21 2022 35588456 overall, our study shows that administration of the drug of abuse pcp during the developmental period of intense cerebellar synaptogenesis and circuit remodeling has long-term and specific effects on purkinje cell connectivity and warrants the search for this type of synaptic changes in psychiatric diseases. 2022-07-16 2022-07-19 Not clear
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