All Relations between hypertrophic and matrix compartment

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Run-Jing Li, Jia-Jia Xu, Zheng-Hao Zhang, Min-Wei Chen, Shi-Xiao Liu, Cui Yang, Yan-Ling Li, Ping Luo, Yi-Jiang Liu, Rong Tang, Zhong-Gui Sha. Rhein ameliorates transverse aortic constriction-induced cardiac hypertrophy Frontiers in pharmacology vol 13 issue 2022 36091816 rhein ameliorates transverse aortic constriction-induced cardiac hypertrophy the progression from compensatory hypertrophy to heart failure is difficult to reverse, in part due to extracellular matrix fibrosis and continuous activation of abnormal signaling pathways. 2022-09-12 2022-09-14 Not clear
Teresa Grieco, Vito Gomes, Alfredo Rossi, Carmen Cantisani, Maria Elisabetta Greco, Giovanni Rossi, Alvise Sernicola, Giovanni Pellacan. The Pathological Culprit of Neuropathic Skin Pain in Long COVID-19 Patients: A Case Series. Journal of clinical medicine vol 11 issue 15 2022 35956094 the histology investigation showed hypertrophic glomus vascular bodies with hypertrophic s100+ perineural sheath cells and adjacent hypertrophy of the nerve branches associated with increased basophil polysaccharide matrix. 2022-08-12 2022-08-15 Not clear
Alejandro Gugliucc. Biomarkers of dysfunctional visceral fat. Advances in clinical chemistry vol 109 issue 2022 35953124 this leads to the ominous triad: inflammation, fibrosis (extracellular matrix hypertrophy) and impaired angiogenesis as well as consequent unresolved hypoxia. 2022-08-11 2022-08-15 Not clear
Jessica M Overstreet, Cody C Gifford, Jiaqi Tang, Paul J Higgins, Rohan Samarakoo. Emerging role of tumor suppressor p53 in acute and chronic kidney diseases. Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS vol 79 issue 9 2022 35941392 tgf-\xce\xb21-induced micro-rnas (such as mir-192) could facilitate p53 activation, leading to renal hypertrophy and matrix expansion in response to diabetic insults while aa-mediated mir-192 induction regulates p53 dependent epithelial g 2022-08-08 2022-08-15 Not clear
Xuechun Sun, Yu Yang, Xiaodan Sun, Huali Meng, Wenhao Hao, Jialin Yin, Fuzhe Ma, Xin Guo, Lei Du, Lei Sun, Hao W. Krill Oil Turns Off TGF-\\xce\\xb21 Profibrotic Signaling in the Prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry vol issue 2022 35916281 the diabetic mice developed albuminuria, mesangial matrix accumulation, glomerular hypertrophy, and fibrosis formation, with an increase in renal proinflammatory, oxidative and profibrotic gene expression. 2022-08-02 2022-08-08 Not clear
Camille R Brightwell, Christine M Latham, Nicholas T Thomas, Alexander R Keeble, Kevin A Murach, Christopher S Fr. A Glitch in the Matrix: The Pivotal Role for Extracellular Matrix Remodeling During Muscle Hypertrophy. American journal of physiology. Cell physiology vol issue 2022 35876284 a glitch in the matrix: the pivotal role for extracellular matrix remodeling during muscle hypertrophy. 2022-07-25 2022-08-08 Not clear
Yawei Bian, Chonglin Shi, Shan Song, Lin Mu, Ming Wu, Duojun Qiu, Jiajia Dong, Wei Zhang, Chen Yuan, Dongyun Wang, Zihui Zhou, Xuan Dong, Yonghong Sh. Sestrin2 attenuates renal damage by regulating Hippo pathway in diabetic nephropathy. Cell and tissue research vol issue 2022 35821438 sesn2 overexpression improved renal function and decreased glomerular hypertrophy, albuminuria, mesangial expansion, extracellular matrix accumulation, and tgf-\xce\xb21 expression, as well as oxidative stress in diabetic mice. 2022-07-13 2022-07-19 Not clear
Ilaria Stadiotti, Rosaria Santoro, Alessandro Scopece, Sergio Pirola, Anna Guarino, Gianluca Polvani, Angela Serena Maione, Flora Ascione, Qingsen Li, Domenico Delia, Marco Foiani, Giulio Pompilio, Elena Sommariv. Pressure Overload Activates DNA-Damage Response in Cardiac Stromal Cells: A Novel Mechanism Behind Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction? Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine vol 9 issue 2022 35811699 aortic valve stenosis can cause an hfpef-like syndrome by inducing sustained pressure overload (po) and cardiac remodeling, as cardiomyocyte (cm) hypertrophy and fibrotic matrix deposition. 2022-07-11 2022-07-19 Not clear
Patsy Gomez-Picos, Katie Ovens, B Frank Eame. Limb Mesoderm and Head Ectomesenchyme Both Express a Core Transcriptional Program During Chondrocyte Differentiation. Frontiers in cell and developmental biology vol 10 issue 2022 35784462 immature chondrocytes (imm) represent the early stages of cartilage differentiation, while mature chondrocytes (mat) undergo additional stages of differentiation, including hypertrophy and stimulating matrix mineralization and degradation. 2022-07-05 2022-07-07 Not clear
Mingsheng Xie, Yiqian Zhang, Zixuan Xiong, Sophie Hines, Yingzi Shangjing, Karen L Clark, Susheng Tan, Peter G Alexander, Hang Li. Generation of hyaline-like cartilage tissue from human mesenchymal stromal cells within the self-generated extracellular matrix. Acta biomaterialia vol issue 2022 35779770 previously, we developed a method to induce hmsc chondrogenesis within self-generated extracellular matrix (mecm), which formed a cartilage tissue with a lower hypertrophy level than conventional hmsc pellets. 2022-07-02 2022-07-04 Not clear
Andreas Romaine, Arne Olav Melleby, Jahedul Alam, Viola H\\xc3\\xa9l\\xc3\\xa8ne Lobert, Ning Lu, Francesca E Lockwood, Almira Hasic, Ida G Lunde, Ivar Sjaastad, Harald Stenmark, Kate M Herum, Donald Gullberg, Geir Christense. Integrin \\xce\\xb111\\xce\\xb21 and syndecan-4 dual receptor ablation attenuate cardiac hypertrophy in the pressure overloaded heart. American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology vol 322 issue 6 2022 35522553 cell surface receptors bridge the interface between the cell and the extracellular matrix (ecm) in cardiac myocytes and cardiac fibroblasts and have been suggested to be important mediators of pathological myocardial hypertrophy. 2022-06-23 2022-06-27 Not clear
A Ushakov, V Ivanchenko, A Gagarin. Heart Failure and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Neurohumoral, Histological and Molecular Interconnections. Current cardiology reviews vol issue 2022 35718961 in this review we discuss the complex interplay between systemic neurohumoral regulation and local cardiac mechanisms participating in myocardial remodeling and hf development in t2dm with a special attention to cardiomyocyte energy metabolism, mitochondrial function and calcium metabolism, cardiomyocyte hypertrophy and death, extracellular matrix remodeling. 2022-06-20 2022-07-04 Not clear
Naranjan S Dhalla, Sukhwinder K Bhullar, Anureet Kaur Sha. Future scope and challenges for congestive heart failure: Moving towards development of pharmacotherapy. Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology vol issue 2022 35704943 in order to determine specific targets for future drug development, we have discussed different mechanisms involving both cardiomyocytes and non-myocyte (extracellular matrix) alterations for the transition of cardiac hypertrophy to heart failure as well as for the progression of heart failure. 2022-06-15 2022-06-20 Not clear
Maria Barilli, Maria Cristina Tavera, Serafina Valente, Alberto Palazzuol. Structural and Hemodynamic Changes of the Right Ventricle in PH-HFpEF. International journal of molecular sciences vol 23 issue 9 2022 35562945 conversely, ph related to hfpef is primarily due to an increase of venules/capillaries parietal fibrosis, extracellular matrix deposition, and myocyte hypertrophy with a secondary "arteriolarization" of the vessels. 2022-05-14 2022-06-13 Not clear
Joshua S Godwin, Bradley Ruple, Casey Sexton, Morgan Smith, Andrew Fruge, Kaelin Young, Christopher Mobley, Michael Robert. Extracellular Matrix Content and Remodeling Does Not Differ Between Higher-Responders and Lower-Responders to Resistance Training. FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology vol 36 Suppl 1 issue 2022 35555323 to determine if markers of skeletal muscle extracellular matrix (ecm) content and ecm remodeling are indicators of hypertrophy in previously untrained collage aged males. 2022-05-13 2022-06-13 Not clear
Chen Chen, Xiyu Zhang, Cuiting Zheng, Zhenqiang Gao, Xi Jiang, Yunfei Bai, Yan Men. Sulfasalazine exacerbates Angiotensin II induced cardiac remodeling by activating Akt signal pathway. Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology vol issue 2022 35538895 angiotensin ii (ang ii) results in cardiac fibrosis and hypertrophy partly through activation of inflammation, which increases the fibroblasts and promotes extracellular matrix production. 2022-05-11 2022-05-12 Not clear
Abu Mohammad Syed, Sourav Kundu, Chetan Ram, Uttam Kulhari, Akhilesh Kumar, Madhav Nilakanth Mugale, Purusottam Mohapatra, Upadhyayula Suryanarayana Murty, Bidya Dhar Sah. Up-regulation of Nrf2/HO-1 and inhibition of TGF-\\xce\\xb21/Smad2/3 signaling axis by daphnetin alleviates transverse aortic constriction-induced cardiac remodeling in mice. Free radical biology & medicine vol issue 2022 35513128 oxidative damage and accumulation of extracellular matrix (ecm) components play a crucial role in the adverse outcome of cardiac hypertrophy. 2022-05-05 2022-05-07 Not clear
Zhaojie Lyu, Yifeng Da, Hongkai Liu, Zhihao Wang, Yong Zhu, Jing Tia. Chsy1 deficiency reduces extracellular matrix productions and aggravates cartilage injury in osteoarthritis. Gene vol issue 2022 35390446 it was found that chsy1 deficiency resulted in a reduction of extracellular matrix production in chondrocytes and a promotion of endochondral osteogenesis, which was indicated by the decreased expression of early chondrocytes genes (col2a1, sox9), and the increased expression of cartilage hypertrophy genes (col10a1, runx2, mmp13, mmp3). 2022-04-07 2022-04-14 Not clear
Yingying Guo, Dan Li, Xian-Feng Cen, Hong-Liang Qiu, Yu-Lan Ma, Yi Liu, Si-Hui Huang, Li-Bo Liu, Man Xu, Qi-Zhu Tan. Diosmetin Protects against Cardiac Hypertrophy via p62/Keap1/Nrf2 Signaling Pathway. Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity vol 2022 issue 2022 35242278 an important pathophysiological consequence of pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy is adverse cardiac remodeling, including structural changes in cardiomyocytes and extracellular matrix. 2022-03-24 2022-03-06 Not clear
Alberto Aimo, Oriol Iborra-Egea, Nicola Martini, Carolina Galvez-Monton, Silvia Burchielli, Giorgia Panichella, Claudio Passino, Michele Emdin, Antoni Bayes-Geni. Cardiac protection by pirfenidone after myocardial infarction: a bioinformatic analysis. Scientific reports vol 12 issue 1 2022 35304529 we identified 6 causative motives of post-mi remodeling (cardiomyocyte cell death, impaired myocyte contractility, extracellular matrix remodeling and fibrosis, hypertrophy, renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system activation, and inflammation), 4 pirfenidone targets and 21 bioflags (indirect effectors). 2022-03-19 2022-04-14 Not clear
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