All Relations between hypertrophic and matrix compartment

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Lishan Lin, Yaling Yu, Kangping Liu, Yixin Jiang, Zhenlei Zho. Downregulation of miR-30b-5p Facilitates Chondrocyte Hypertrophy and Apoptosis via Targeting Runx2 in Steroid-Induced Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head. International journal of molecular sciences vol 23 issue 19 2022 36232582 the nobly increased expression of matrix metallopeptidase 13 (mmp13) and type x collagen (col10a1) as runx2 downstream genes contributed to the hypertrophic differentiation of chondrocytes, and the efficiently upregulated level of matrix metallopeptidase 9 (mmp9) may trigger chondrocyte apoptosis with mps treatments. 2022-10-14 2023-01-30 Not clear
Z H Chen, B Yu, Q F Ye, Y F Wan. [Research advances on interleukin-6 in hypertrophic scar formation]. Zhonghua shao shang za zhi = Zhonghua shaoshang zazhi = Chinese journal of burns vol 38 issue 9 2022 36177594 hypertrophic scar is a pathological repair result of excessive accumulation of extracellular matrix after skin damage, which affects the appearance and function of patients with varying degrees. 2022-09-30 2023-01-30 Not clear
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Teresa Grieco, Vito Gomes, Alfredo Rossi, Carmen Cantisani, Maria Elisabetta Greco, Giovanni Rossi, Alvise Sernicola, Giovanni Pellacan. The Pathological Culprit of Neuropathic Skin Pain in Long COVID-19 Patients: A Case Series. Journal of clinical medicine vol 11 issue 15 2022 35956094 the histology investigation showed hypertrophic glomus vascular bodies with hypertrophic s100+ perineural sheath cells and adjacent hypertrophy of the nerve branches associated with increased basophil polysaccharide matrix. 2022-08-12 2023-01-30 Not clear
Alejandro Gugliucc. Biomarkers of dysfunctional visceral fat. Advances in clinical chemistry vol 109 issue 2022 35953124 this leads to the ominous triad: inflammation, fibrosis (extracellular matrix hypertrophy) and impaired angiogenesis as well as consequent unresolved hypoxia. 2022-08-11 2023-01-30 Not clear
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