All Relations between hypertrophic and matrix compartment

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
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Maria-Teresa Piccoli, Christian B\\xc3\\xa4r, Thomas Thu. Non-coding RNAs as modulators of the cardiac fibroblast phenotype. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology vol 92 issue 2016 26764220 cardiac fibroblasts are the principal orchestrators of matrix formation and degradation and indirectly regulate cardiac hypertrophy and inflammation. 2016-12-13 2023-01-25 Not clear
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Ewelyne Miranda Lima, Andrews Marques Nascimento, Girlandia Alexandre Brasil, Ieda Carneiro Kalil, Dominik Lenz, Denise Coutinho Endringer, Tadeu Uggere Andrade, Nazar\\xc3\\xa9 Souza Bissol. Cardiopulmonary reflex, cardiac cytokines, and nandrolone decanoate: response to resistance training in rats. Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology vol 93 issue 11 2016 26335603 the association of nd with rt increased myocyte hypertrophy, deposition of matrix type i collagen, tnf-\xce\xb1 and acea; decreased il-10, and impairment in the bjr were observed in nd+exerc compared with cont and exerc. 2016-08-18 2023-01-25 rat
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