All Relations between anterior cingulate and occipital gyrus

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Yinhuan Xu, Ruiping Zheng, Huirong Guo, Yarui Wei, Baohong Wen, Shufan Dai, Shaoqiang Han, Jingliang Cheng, Yan Zhan. Structural and functional deficits and couplings in severe and moderate OCD. Journal of psychiatric research vol 160 issue 2023 36870233 anova analysis showed that both s-ocd and m-ocd had increased volume in anterior cingulate cortex(acc), left precuneus(l-pre) and paracentral lobule(pcl), postcentral gyrus, left inferior occipital gyrus(l-iog) and right superior occipital gyrus(r-sog) and bilateral cuneus, middle occipital gyrus(mog), and calcarine. 2023-03-04 2023-03-06 human
Yan Zhang, Yue Peng, Yichen Song, Youqi Zhou, Sen Zhang, Ge Yang, Yongfeng Yang, Wenqiang Li, Weihua Yue, Luxian Lv, Dai Zhan. Abnormal functional connectivity of the striatum in first-episode drug-naive early-onset Schizophrenia. Brain and behavior vol issue 2022 35384392 patients demonstrated abnormal fc between subregions of the putamen and both the visual network (left middle occipital gyrus) and default mode network (bilateral anterior cingulate, left superior frontal, and right middle frontal gyri). 2022-04-06 2023-01-27 Not clear
Waverly Harrell, Debbie S Gipson, Aysenil Belger, Mina Matsuda-Abedini, Bruce Bjornson, Stephen R Hoope. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings in Children and Adolescents With Chronic Kidney Disease: Preliminary Findings. Seminars in nephrology vol 41 issue 5 2021 34916008 for the encoding phase, the ckd group showed lower activation in the posterior cingulate, anterior cingulate, precuneus, and middle occipital gyrus than the control group, but more activation in the superior temporal gyrus, middle frontal gyrus, middle temporal gyrus, and the insula. 2021-12-17 2023-01-26 Not clear
Xueying Li, Yu Zhang, Chun Meng, Cun Zhang, Wenming Zhao, Dao-Min Zhu, Jiajia Zh. Functional stability predicts depressive and cognitive improvement in major depressive disorder: A longitudinal functional MRI study. Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry vol 111 issue 2021 34217754 however, we found that baseline functional stability in the dorsal and ventral anterior cingulate cortex, calcarine sulcus, and middle occipital gyrus could predict improvement in depressive symptoms from acute to remitted status in mdd patients, with longitudinal functional stability changes in these regions related to the degree of symptom improvement. 2021-11-12 2023-01-26 Not clear
Yun-Shiuan Chuang, Yu-Shiang Su, Joshua O S Go. Neural responses reveal associations between personal values and value-based decisions. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience vol 15 issue 12 2021 33150949 for those with higher security ratings, whole-brain functional connectivity was higher in bilateral insula, supplementary motor areas, right superior frontal gyrus, dorsal anterior cingulate cortex, and lower in right middle occipital gyrus. 2021-10-20 2023-01-26 Not clear
D Martins, L Rademacher, A S Gabay, R Taylor, J A Richey, D V Smith, K S Goerlich, L Nawijn, H R Cremers, R Wilson, S Bhattacharyya, Y Paloyeli. Mapping social reward and punishment processing in the human brain: A voxel-based meta-analysis of neuroimaging findings using the social incentive delay task. Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews vol 122 issue 2021 33421544 we found that the anticipation of both social rewards and social punishment avoidance recruits a wide network of areas including the basal ganglia, the midbrain, the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex, the supplementary motor area, the anterior insula, the occipital gyrus and other frontal, temporal, parietal and cerebellar regions not captured in previous coordinate-based meta-analysis. 2021-05-27 2023-01-26 human
Qi Feng, Mei Wang, Qiaowei Song, Zhengwang Wu, Hongyang Jiang, Peipei Pang, Zhengluan Liao, Enyan Yu, Zhongxiang Din. Correlation Between Hippocampus MRI Radiomic Features and Resting-State Intrahippocampal Functional Connectivity in Alzheimer's Disease. Frontiers in neuroscience vol 13 issue 2020 31133781 we observed that ad patients demonstrated disruptive fc in some brain regions in the left hippocampal functional network, including right gyrus rectus, right anterior cingulate and paracingulate gyri, bilateral precuneus, bilateral angular gyrus, and bilateral middle occipital gyrus. 2020-10-01 2023-01-26 Not clear
Zhen Li, Chunlin Li, Yuting Liang, Keyang Wang, Wenjing Zhang, Renji Chen, Qingqing Wu, Xu Zhan. Altered Functional Connectivity and Brain Network Property in Pregnant Women With Cleft Fetuses. Frontiers in psychology vol 10 issue 2020 31649585 compared with the control group, increased alff in the left hippocampus, the right fusiform and the left anterior cingulate (acg), increased reho in left middle occipital gyrus (mog) and right medial frontal gyrus (mfg) were found for pregnancies with nsclp. 2020-10-01 2023-01-26 Not clear
Zengjian Wang, Jiliang Fang, Jun Liu, Peijing Rong, Kristen Jorgenson, Joel Park, Courtney Lang, Yang Hong, Bing Zhu, Jian Kon. Frequency-dependent functional connectivity of the nucleus accumbens during continuous transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation in major depressive disorder. Journal of psychiatric research vol 102 issue 2019 29674268 the results revealed: 1) significant positive fcs between the nac and surrounding areas including the putamen, caudate, and distinct areas of the medial prefrontal cortex (mpfc) and the anterior cingulate cortex (acc) during continuous real and sham tvns; 2) compared with sham tvns, real tvns increased the fc between the left nac and bilateral mpfc/racc in the slow-5 band (0.008-0.027) and between the right nac and left insula, occipital gyrus, and right lingual/fusiform gyrum in the typical low band (0.008-0.09); and 3) the fc of the nac-mpfc/racc during real tvns showed a negative association with hamilton depression rating scale (hamd) score changes in the real tvns group after one month of treatment, but not in the sham group. 2019-08-29 2023-01-26 Not clear
Jing Liu, Feng Zhang, Xiufen Liu, Zhizheng Zhuo, Juan Wei, Minyi Du, Queenie Chan, Xiaoying Wang, Dongxin Wan. Altered small-world, functional brain networks in patients with lower back pain. Science China. Life sciences vol 61 issue 11 2019 30417246 in addition, lbp individuals showed significantly decreased functional connectivity in the anterior cingulate cortex, middle cingulate cortex, post cingulate cortex, inferior frontal gyrus, middle temporal gyrus, occipital gyrus, postcentral gyrus, precentral gyrus, supplementary motor area, thalamus, fusiform, caudate, and cerebellum. 2019-07-05 2023-01-26 human
Song Xue, Xu Wang, Wanqian Wang, Jia Liu, Jiang Qi. Frequency-dependent alterations in regional homogeneity in major depression. Behavioural brain research vol 306 issue 2017 26968135 importantly, mdd patients showed increased reho in the middle occipital gyrus (mog) and decreased reho in the anterior cingulate cortex (acc), inferior frontal gyrus (ifg), superior frontal gyrus (sfg) and the bilateral thalamus in the slow-4 band, while they showed increased reho in the medial prefrontal cortex (mpfc) in the slow-5 band. 2017-11-17 2023-01-25 Not clear
Junseok A Kim, Jackie Leung, Jason P Lerch, Andrea Kassne. Reduced cerebrovascular reserve is regionally associated with cortical thickness reductions in children with sickle cell disease. Brain research vol 1642 issue 2017 27026656 the regional association analysis revealed that significant associations were found in brain regions with high metabolic activity (anterior cingulate, posterior cingulate, occipital gyrus, precuneus) thus demonstrating that these regions could be most vulnerable to structural damage under hypoxic conditions. 2017-05-23 2023-01-25 Not clear
Kai Liu, Gang Sun, Bo Li, Qingjun Jiang, Xiao Yang, Min Li, Li Li, Shaowen Qian, Lun Zhao, Zhenyu Zhou, Karen M von Deneen, Yijun Li. The impact of passive hyperthermia on human attention networks: an fMRI study. Behavioural brain research vol 243 issue 2013 23333840 the fmri results showed that: (i) passive hyperthermia enhanced the activity in the right superior frontal gyrus and depressed the activity in the right middle occipital gyrus, left inferior parietal lobule and left culmen in the alerting network, (ii) passive hyperthermia enhanced the activity in the temporal lobe and depressed the activity in the frontal lobe, parietal lobe and occipital lobe in the orienting network, and (iii) passive hyperthermia enhanced the activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex but did not affect the activity in the anterior cingulate. 2013-08-28 2023-01-25 human