All Relations between cerebral cortex and hippocampal formation

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
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Jimmy Y Zhon. Neuroscience research on human visual path integration: Topical review of the path completion paradigm and underlying role of the hippocampal formation from a strategic perspective. Behavioral neuroscience vol 136 issue 6 2022 36395013 based on findings that supported and contradicted the involvement of the hippocampal formation in path integration, it was proposed that the use of different path integration strategies may determine the extent to which the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex are engaged during human path integration. 2022-11-17 2023-01-30 human
Melissa Serrano, Matteo Tripodi, Pico Caron. Strategy updating mediated by specific retrosplenial-parafascicular-basal ganglia networks. Current biology : CB vol issue 2022 35797997 retrosplenial cortex (rsc), a cortical area exhibiting extensive connectivity to dorso-medial striatum (dms) and the hippocampal formation, has been broadly implicated in flexible learning and might be involved in strategy updating. 2022-07-07 2023-01-27 mouse
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Xiaoyang Long, Sheng-Jia Zhan. A novel somatosensory spatial navigation system outside the hippocampal formation. Cell research vol 31 issue 6 2021 33462427 these newly identified somatosensory spatial cells form a spatial map outside the hippocampal formation and support the hypothesis that location information modulates body representation in the somatosensory cortex. 2021-11-17 2023-01-26 rat
Bailey Hiles-Murison, Andrew P Lavender, Mark J Hackett, Joshua J Armstrong, Michael Nesbit, Samuel Rawlings, Terrence McGonigle, Andrew Warnock, Virginie Lam, John C L Mamo, Melinda Fitzgerald, Ryu Takech. Blood-brain barrier disruption and ventricular enlargement are the earliest neuropathological changes in rats with repeated sub-concussive impacts over 2\\xc2\\xa0weeks. Scientific reports vol 11 issue 1 2021 33927338 the sub-concussive rats also presented significant bbb dysfunction in the cerebral cortex and hippocampal formation, whilst neuromotor function assessed by beamwalk and rotarod tests were comparable to the sham rats. 2021-11-08 2023-01-26 rat
Z La\\xc5\\xa1t\\xc5\\xafvka, V Borb\\xc3\\xa9lyov\\xc3\\xa1, K Jani\\xc5\\xa1ov\\xc3\\xa1, J Ot\\xc3\\xa1hal, J Myslive\\xc4\\x8dek, V Rilja. Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury leads to sex-specific deficits in rearing and climbing in adult mice. Physiological research vol 69 issue Suppl 3 2021 33476172 in groups with separately induced hypoxia or ischemia, the observed alterations in behavior were not accompanied by morphological changes in the cortex or hippocampal formation. 2021-10-19 2023-01-26 mouse
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Nona Sakhaie, Farshid Sadegzadeh, Raziyeh Dehghany, Omid Adak, Saadati Hakime. Sex-dependent effects of chronic fluoxetine exposure during adolescence on passive avoidance memory, nociception, and prefrontal brain-derived neurotrophic factor mRNA expression. Brain research bulletin vol 162 issue 2021 32585291 previous animal experiments have indicated that exposure to fluoxetine during adolescence leads to persistent behavioral changes and neuroplasticity in the hippocampal formation and cortex which may continue until adulthood. 2021-09-29 2023-01-26 rat
Kamil Kawon, Zuzanna Setkowicz, Agnieszka Drozdz, Krzysztof Janeczko, Joanna Chwie. The methods of vibrational microspectroscopy reveals long-term biochemical anomalies within the region of mechanical injury within the rat brain. Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy vol 263 issue 2021 34325168 the topographic and quantitative biochemical analysis followed with the statistical study using principal component analysis showed significant biomolecular anomalies within the lesion site but not in the area of the dorsal hippocampal formation and in the above situated white matter and cortex. 2021-09-06 2023-01-26 rat
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Joshua B Julian, Christian F Doelle. Remapping and realignment in the human hippocampal formation predict context-dependent spatial behavior. Nature neuroscience vol 24 issue 6 2021 33859438 contextual memory might be mediated by cell ensembles in the hippocampal formation that alter their responses to changes in context, processes known as remapping and realignment in the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex, respectively. 2021-08-18 2023-01-26 human
Aaron D Garcia, Elizabeth A Buffal. Anatomy and Function of the Primate Entorhinal Cortex. Annual review of vision science vol 6 issue 2021 32580662 the entorhinal cortex (ec) is a critical element of the hippocampal formation located within the medial temporal lobe (mtl) in primates. 2021-07-27 2023-01-26 Not clear
Olayemi Joseph Olajide, Marcus E Suvanto, Clifton Andrew Chapma. Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration in the entorhinal cortex that underlie its selective vulnerability during the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. Biology open vol 10 issue 1 2021 33495355 the entorhinal cortex (ec) is a vital component of the medial temporal lobe, and its contributions to cognitive processes and memory formation are supported through its extensive interconnections with the hippocampal formation. 2021-07-15 2023-01-26 Not clear
Kimberly L Fiock, Jodi D Smith, John F Crary, Marco M Heft. \\xce\\xb2-amyloid and tau pathology in the aging feline brain. The Journal of comparative neurology vol 528 issue 1 2021 31273784 in 75% of these cases (3/4), tau deposition was limited to entorhinal cortex, while one case showed diffuse positive staining throughout the hippocampal formation and neocortex. 2021-07-01 2023-01-26 human
Assunta Pompili, Carla Iorio, Antonella Gasbarr. Effects of sex steroid hormones on memory. Acta neurobiologiae experimentalis vol 80 issue 2 2021 32602853 this influence may depend on their modulator role on several neurotransmitter systems, and the extensive presence of their receptors in cerebral areas, involved in cognitive functions, including the amygdala, hippocampal formation, and cerebral cortex. 2021-06-07 2023-01-26 Not clear
Sujin Kim, Yunkwon Nam, Chanyang Kim, Hyewon Lee, Seojin Hong, Hyeon Soo Kim, Soo Jung Shin, Yong Ho Park, Han Ngoc Mai, Sang-Muk Oh, Kyoung Soo Kim, Doo-Han Yoo, Weon Kuu Chung, Hyunju Chung, Minho Moo. Neuroprotective and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Low-Moderate Dose Ionizing Radiation in Models of Alzheimer's Disease. International journal of molecular sciences vol 21 issue 10 2021 32456197 comparing sham-exposed and lmdir-exposed 5xfad mice indicated that short-term exposure to lmdir did not affect a\xce\xb2 accumulation in the brain, but significantly ameliorated synaptic degeneration, neuronal loss, and neuroinflammation in the hippocampal formation and cerebral cortex. 2021-02-16 2023-01-26 mouse
Larry R Squire, Soyun Kim, Jennifer C Frascino, Jacopo Annese, Jeffrey Bennett, Ricardo Insausti, David G Amara. Neuropsychological and neuropathological observations of a long-studied case of memory impairment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol 117 issue 47 2021 33168712 in the hippocampal formation, there was substantial cell loss in the ca1 and ca3 fields, the hilus of the dentate gyrus (with sparing of granule cells), and the entorhinal cortex. 2021-01-19 2023-01-26 human