All Relations between inferior occipital gyrus and precuneate lobule

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
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Haimeng Hu, Yining Lyu, Shihong Li, Zheng Yuan, Chuntao Ye, Zhao Han, Guangwu Li. Aberrant Resting-State Functional Connectivity of the Dorsal Attention Network in Tinnitus. Neural plasticity vol 2021 issue 2022 35003251 the tinnitus patients exhibited decreased fc from the left precuneus to the left inferior occipital gyrus, left calcarine cortex, and left superior frontal gyrus compared with the healthy controls. 2022-01-10 2023-01-26 Not clear
Jin Cao, Yiting Huang, Nathaniel Meshberg, Sierra A Hodges, Jian Kon. Neuroimaging-Based Scalp Acupuncture Locations for Dementia. Journal of clinical medicine vol 9 issue 8 2020 32752265 we found that the prefrontal cortex, the medial prefrontal cortex, the middle and superior temporal gyrus, the temporal pole, the supplementary motor area, the inferior occipital gyrus, and the precuneus are involved in the pathophysiology of dementia and, therefore, may be the target areas of scalp acupuncture for dementia treatment. 2020-09-28 2023-01-26 Not clear
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Simona Fiori, Andrea Guzzetta, Jhimli Mitra, Kerstin Pannek, Rosa Pasquariello, Paola Cipriani, Michela Tosetti, Giovanni Cioni, Stephen E Rose, Anna Chilos. Neuroanatomical correlates of childhood apraxia of speech: A connectomic approach. NeuroImage. Clinical vol 12 issue 2017 27882295 three intra-hemispheric/interhemispheric subnetworks showed reduction of fa in cas compared to controls, including left inferior (opercular part) and superior (dorsolateral, medial and orbital part) frontal gyrus, left superior and middle temporal gyrus and left post-central gyrus (subnetwork 1); right supplementary motor area, left middle and inferior (orbital part) frontal gyrus, left precuneus and cuneus, right superior occipital gyrus and right cerebellum (subnetwork 2); right angular gyrus, right superior temporal gyrus and right inferior occipital gyrus (subnetwork 3). 2017-11-17 2023-01-26 Not clear
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Shaohua Hu, Dongrong Xu, Bradley S Peterson, Bradley Peterson, Qidong Wang, Xiaofu He, Jianbo Hu, Xiaojun Xu, Ning Wei, Dan Long, Manli Huang, Weihua Zhou, Weijuan Xu, Minming Zhang, Yi X. Association of cerebral networks in resting state with sexual preference of homosexual men: a study of regional homogeneity and functional connectivity. PloS one vol 8 issue 3 2013 23555670 homosexual participants showed significantly reduced regional homogeneity in the left inferior occipital gyrus, right middle occipital gyrus, right superior occipital gyrus, left cuneus, right precuneus, and increased regional homogeneity in rectal gyrus, bilateral midbrain, and left temporal lobe. 2013-09-30 2023-01-25 human
Shiree Heath, Katie McMahon, Lyndsey Nickels, Anthony Angwin, Anna MacDonald, Sophia van Hees, Kori Johnson, David Coplan. Priming picture naming with a semantic task: an fMRI investigation. PloS one vol 7 issue 3 2012 22412928 additionally, in the whole brain results, increased activity for short-term facilitated items was identified in regions previously linked to episodic memory and object recognition, including the right lingual gyrus (extending to the precuneus region) and the left inferior occipital gyrus (extending to the left fusiform region). 2012-08-02 2023-01-25 Not clear
Jiang Qiu, Hong Li, Jerwen Jou, Jia Liu, Yuejia Luo, Tingyong Feng, Zhenzhen Wu, Qinglin Zhan. Neural correlates of the \"Aha\" experiences: evidence from an fMRI study of insight problem solving. Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior vol 46 issue 3 2010 19656506 the results indicate that (1) the precuneus might be involved in successful prototype events retrieval, (2) the left inferior frontal/middle frontal gyrus might be involved in forming novel association and breaking mental sets, (3) the inferior occipital gyrus and the cerebellum might be involved in re-arrangement of visual stimulus and deployment of attentional resources. 2010-04-28 2023-01-25 Not clear