All Relations between inferior occipital gyrus and superior occipital gyrus

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Yinhuan Xu, Ruiping Zheng, Huirong Guo, Yarui Wei, Baohong Wen, Shufan Dai, Shaoqiang Han, Jingliang Cheng, Yan Zhan. Structural and functional deficits and couplings in severe and moderate OCD. Journal of psychiatric research vol 160 issue 2023 36870233 anova analysis showed that both s-ocd and m-ocd had increased volume in anterior cingulate cortex(acc), left precuneus(l-pre) and paracentral lobule(pcl), postcentral gyrus, left inferior occipital gyrus(l-iog) and right superior occipital gyrus(r-sog) and bilateral cuneus, middle occipital gyrus(mog), and calcarine. 2023-03-04 2023-03-06 human
Omar F F Odish, Robert H A M Reijntjes, Simon J A van den Bogaard, Raymund A C Roos, Alexander Leeman. Progressive microstructural changes of the occipital cortex in Huntington's disease. Brain imaging and behavior vol 12 issue 6 2019 29492750 we found that the longitudinal rate of diffusivity change in the superior occipital gyrus (sog), middle occipital gyrus (mog), and inferior occipital gyrus (iog) was significantly higher in early hd compared to both prehd and controls (all p's\xe2\x80\x89\xe2\x89\xa4\xe2\x80\x890.005), which can be interpreted as an increased rate of microstructural degeneration. 2019-04-03 2023-01-26 human
Simona Fiori, Andrea Guzzetta, Jhimli Mitra, Kerstin Pannek, Rosa Pasquariello, Paola Cipriani, Michela Tosetti, Giovanni Cioni, Stephen E Rose, Anna Chilos. Neuroanatomical correlates of childhood apraxia of speech: A connectomic approach. NeuroImage. Clinical vol 12 issue 2017 27882295 three intra-hemispheric/interhemispheric subnetworks showed reduction of fa in cas compared to controls, including left inferior (opercular part) and superior (dorsolateral, medial and orbital part) frontal gyrus, left superior and middle temporal gyrus and left post-central gyrus (subnetwork 1); right supplementary motor area, left middle and inferior (orbital part) frontal gyrus, left precuneus and cuneus, right superior occipital gyrus and right cerebellum (subnetwork 2); right angular gyrus, right superior temporal gyrus and right inferior occipital gyrus (subnetwork 3). 2017-11-17 2023-01-26 Not clear
Ying Chen, Simona Monaco, Patrick Byrne, Xiaogang Yan, Denise Y P Henriques, J Douglas Crawfor. Allocentric versus egocentric representation of remembered reach targets in human cortex. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience vol 34 issue 37 2015 25209289 in addition, egocentric directional selectivity (target relative to gaze) was observed in the superior occipital gyrus and the inferior occipital gyrus, whereas allocentric directional selectivity (target relative to a visual landmark) was observed in the inferior temporal gyrus and inferior occipital gyrus. 2015-01-07 2023-01-25 human
Do-Won Kim, Miseon Shim, Jeong-In Kim, Chang-Hwan Im, Seung-Hwan Le. Source activation of P300 correlates with negative symptom severity in patients with schizophrenia. Brain topography vol 27 issue 2 2014 23897409 in comparing the source activation between the two groups, schizophrenia patients showed decreased source activation predominantly over the left hemisphere, including the cingulate, inferior occipital gyrus, middle occipital gyrus, middle temporal gyrus, posterior cingulate, precuneus, and superior occipital gyrus. 2014-09-25 2023-01-25 Not clear
Shaohua Hu, Dongrong Xu, Bradley S Peterson, Bradley Peterson, Qidong Wang, Xiaofu He, Jianbo Hu, Xiaojun Xu, Ning Wei, Dan Long, Manli Huang, Weihua Zhou, Weijuan Xu, Minming Zhang, Yi X. Association of cerebral networks in resting state with sexual preference of homosexual men: a study of regional homogeneity and functional connectivity. PloS one vol 8 issue 3 2013 23555670 homosexual participants showed significantly reduced regional homogeneity in the left inferior occipital gyrus, right middle occipital gyrus, right superior occipital gyrus, left cuneus, right precuneus, and increased regional homogeneity in rectal gyrus, bilateral midbrain, and left temporal lobe. 2013-09-30 2023-01-25 human
Takeshi Fujii, Hiroki C Tanabe, Takanori Kochiyama, Norihiro Sadat. An investigation of cross-modal plasticity of effective connectivity in the blind by dynamic causal modeling of functional MRI data. Neuroscience research vol 65 issue 2 2009 19580827 five regions of interest were selected from either the ventral or dorsal pathways: left s1, anterior intraparietal sulcus (aips), superior occipital gyrus (sog), inferior occipital gyrus (iog), and v1. 2009-11-13 2023-01-25 human