All Relations between island of reil and precuneate lobule

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
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Markus Kiefer, Lena Pielke, Natalie M Trump. Differential temporo-spatial pattern of electrical brain activity during the processing of abstracts concepts related to mental states and verbal associations. NeuroImage vol issue 2022 35219860 increased estimated source activity to mental state concepts was obtained in visuo-motor (superior parietal, pre- and postcentral areas) and mentalizing networks (lateral and medial prefrontal areas, insula, precuneus, temporo-parietal junction) with an onset of 212 ms, which extended to later time windows. 2022-02-27 2023-01-27 Not clear
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Lu Zhang, Ping Chen, Matthew Schafer, Senning Zheng, Lixiang Chen, Shuai Wang, Qunjun Liang, Qing Qi, Yichen Zhang, Ruiwang Huan. A specific brain network for a social map in the human brain. Scientific reports vol 12 issue 1 2022 35110581 our findings suggest a brain network for social navigation in multiple abstract, social dimensions that includes the hippocampus, precuneus, dlpfc, and insula. 2022-02-03 2023-01-27 human
Katrin Aryutova, Rositsa Paunova, Sevdalina Kandilarova, Kristina Stoyanova, Michael Hj Maes, Drozdstoy Stoyano. Differential aberrant connectivity of precuneus and anterior insula may underpin the diagnosis of schizophrenia and mood disorders. World journal of psychiatry vol 11 issue 12 2022 35070777 differential aberrant connectivity of precuneus and anterior insula may underpin the diagnosis of schizophrenia and mood disorders. 2022-01-24 2023-01-26 Not clear
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Josefine Andin, Emil Holme. Reorganization of large-scale brain networks in deaf signing adults: The role of auditory cortex in functional reorganization following deafness. Neuropsychologia vol issue 2022 34990695 in addition, we showed stronger functional connectivity for deaf compared to hearing individuals from the middle and superior temporal cortices to the cingulate cortex, insular cortex, cuneus and precuneus, supramarginal gyrus, supplementary motor area, and cerebellum crus 1, and stronger connectivity for hearing non-signers to hippocampus, middle and superior frontal gyri, pre- and postcentral gyri, and cerebellum crus 8. 2022-01-06 2023-01-26 Not clear