All Relations between nucleus accumbens core and gaba

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Huan Sheng, Chao Lei, Yu Yuan, Yali Fu, Dongyang Cui, Li Yang, Da Shao, Zixuan Cao, Hao Yang, Xinli Guo, Chenshan Chu, Yaxian Wen, Zhangyin Cai, Ming Chen, Bin Lai, Ping Zhen. Nucleus accumbens circuit disinhibits lateral hypothalamus glutamatergic neurons contributing to morphine withdrawal memory in male mice. Nature communications vol 14 issue 1 2023 36604429 in the present study,our results showed that in male mice, during context-induced expression of morphine withdrawal memory, lh glutamatergic neurons played an important role; dopamine d1 receptor-expressing medium spiny neurons (d1-msns) projecting from the core of nucleus accumbens (nacc) to the lh were an important upstream circuit to activate lh glutamatergic neurons; d1-msns projecting from the nacc to the lh activated lh glutamatergic neurons through inhibiting lh local gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba) neurons. 2023-01-05 2023-01-08 Not clear