All Relations between precuneate lobule and cuneate lobule

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Yinhuan Xu, Ruiping Zheng, Huirong Guo, Yarui Wei, Baohong Wen, Shufan Dai, Shaoqiang Han, Jingliang Cheng, Yan Zhan. Structural and functional deficits and couplings in severe and moderate OCD. Journal of psychiatric research vol 160 issue 2023 36870233 anova analysis showed that both s-ocd and m-ocd had increased volume in anterior cingulate cortex(acc), left precuneus(l-pre) and paracentral lobule(pcl), postcentral gyrus, left inferior occipital gyrus(l-iog) and right superior occipital gyrus(r-sog) and bilateral cuneus, middle occipital gyrus(mog), and calcarine. 2023-03-04 2023-03-06 human
Chencai Wang, Jason J Kutch, Jennifer S Labus, Claire C Yang, Richard E Harris, Emeran A Mayer, Benjamin M Ellingso. Reproducible Microstructural Changes in the Brain Associated with the Presence and Severity of Urologic Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (UCPPS): A 3-year Longitudinal Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study from the MAPP Network. The journal of pain vol issue 2022 36435486 additionally, compared to hcs, ucpps patients showed stronger structural connectivity (sc) between the left postcentral gyrus and the left precuneus, and weaker sc from the left cuneus to the left lateral occipital cortex and the isthmus of the left cingulate cortex at baseline and 6-month. 2022-11-26 2023-01-30 human
Livio Tarchi, Stefano Damiani, Teresa Fantoni, Tiziana Pisano, Giovanni Castellini, Pierluigi Politi, Valdo Ricc. Centrality and interhemispheric coordination are related to different clinical/behavioral factors in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a resting-state fMRI study. Brain imaging and behavior vol issue 2022 35859076 ec was significantly higher in adhd compared to neurotypicals in the left inferior frontal lobe, lingual gyri, peri-calcarine cortex, superior and middle occipital lobes, right inferior occipital lobe, right middle temporal gyrus, fusiform gyri, bilateral cuneus, right precuneus, and cerebellum (fdr-corrected-p\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x890.05). 2022-07-20 2023-01-30 human
Yun Wu, Fang Fang, Ke Li, Zhen Jin, Xiaotun Ren, Junlan Lv, Changhong Ding, Chunhong Chen, Tongli Han, Weihua Zhang, Nizhuan Wang, Zhenglong Li. Functional connectivity differences in speech production networks in Chinese children with Rolandic epilepsy. Epilepsy & behavior : E&B vol issue 2022 35835716 the results indicated that children with bects showed altered functional connectivity associated with speech production between the left precuneus and the right cerebellum, between the right precuneus and the bilateral thalamus and the left superior temporal gyrus, between the right cuneus and the right postcentral gyrus and the right inferior parietal lobule, and between the right cerebellum and right middle frontal gyrus. 2022-07-14 2023-01-27 Not clear
Jinlong Wu, Wen Xiao, Joanne Yip, Li Peng, Kangyong Zheng, Obed Takyi Bentil, Zhanbing Re. Effects of Exercise on Neural Changes in Inhibitory Control: An ALE Meta-Analysis of fMRI Studies. Frontiers in human neuroscience vol 16 issue 2022 35814955 we quantify the neural effects on the entire brain by using gingerale software and identify 10 clusters of exercise-induced neuronal with either increases/decreases in the superior temporal gyrus (ba 22), precuneus (ba 7), superior frontal gyrus (ba 10), cuneus (ba 19), precuneus (ba 19), caudate, posterior cingulate (ba 19), middle temporal gyrus (b 37), parahippocampal gyrus (ba 30), precentral gyrus (ba 6). 2022-07-11 2023-01-27 human
Johnna R Swartz, Angelica F Carranza, Annchen R Knodt, Michael R Irwin, Camelia E Hostina. Associations between peripheral inflammatory markers and amygdala activity and connectivity in response to emotional faces in adolescents. Brain, behavior, and immunity vol issue 2022 35781009 psychophysiological interaction analysis indicated that higher tnf-\xce\xb1 was associated with reduced bilateral amygdala connectivity to the left cuneus, right cuneus/calcarine fissure/precuneus, and left supramarginal gyrus/inferior parietal gyrus during angry and fearful faces > shapes and higher il-6/crp was associated with reduced bilateral amygdala connectivity to the right postcentral gyrus and right precuneus. 2022-07-05 2023-01-27 human
Luigi Lorenzini, Loes T Ansems, Isadora Lopes Alves, Silvia Ingala, David V\\xc3\\xa1llez Garc\\xc3\\xada, Jori Tomassen, Carole Sudre, Gemma Salvad\\xc3\\xb3, Mahnaz Shekari, Gregory Operto, Anna Brugulat-Serrat, Gonzalo S\\xc3\\xa1nchez-Benavides, Mara Ten Kate, Betty Tijms, Alle Meije Wink, Henk J M M Mutsaerts, Anouk den Braber, Pieter Jelle Visser, Bart N M van Berckel, Juan Domingo Gispert, Frederik Barkhof, Lyduine E Colli. Regional associations of white matter hyperintensities and early cortical amyloid pathology. Brain communications vol 4 issue 3 2022 35783557 using pet imaging, cortical amyloid burden was assessed regionally within early accumulating regions (medial orbitofrontal, precuneus, and cuneus) and globally, using the centiloid method. 2022-07-05 2023-01-27 human
Yinhuan Xu, Ruiping Zheng, Yarui Wei, Jingli Chen, Huirong Guo, Baohong Wen, Shufan Dai, Yan Zhang, Jingliang Cheng, Shaoqiang Ha. Static and temporal dynamic changes of intrinsic brain activity in pediatric and adults OCD. Journal of affective disorders vol issue 2022 35618169 in pediatric ocd patients versus adult patients, we observed a significantly higher alff in the default mode network (dmn), including posterior cingulate, precuneus and superior frontal gyrus, and extending to cuneus, lingual gyrus. 2022-05-26 2023-01-27 Not clear
Du Lei, Xueling Suo, Kun Qin, Walter H L Pinaya, Yuan Ai, Wenbin Li, Weihong Kuang, Su Lui, Graham J Kemp, John A Sweeney, Qiyong Gon. Magnetization transfer imaging alterations and its diagnostic value in antipsychotic-na\\xc3\\xafve first-episode schizophrenia. Translational psychiatry vol 12 issue 1 2022 35523792 compared with hcs, individuals with fes exhibited higher mtr values in left thalamus, precuneus, cuneus, and paracentral lobule, that were positively correlated with schizophrenia symptom severity [precuneus (r\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x890.34, p\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x890.0004), cuneus (r\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x890.33, p\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x890.0006) and paracentral lobule (r\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x890.37, p\xe2\x80\x89=\xe2\x80\x890.001)]. 2022-05-06 2023-01-27 Not clear
Maria Guardiola-Ripoll, Alejandro Sotero-Moreno, Carmen Almod\\xc3\\xb3var-Pay\\xc3\\xa1, Noem\\xc3\\xad Hostalet, Amalia Guerrero-Pedraza, N\\xc3\\xbaria Ramiro, Jordi Ortiz-Gil, B\\xc3\\xa1rbara Arias, Merc\\xc3\\xa8 Madre, Joan Soler-Vidal, Raymond Salvador, Peter J McKenna, Edith Pomarol-Clotet, Mar Fatj\\xc3\\xb3-Vila. Combining fMRI and DISC1 gene haplotypes to understand working memory-related brain activity in schizophrenia. Scientific reports vol 12 issue 1 2022 35513527 these analyses evidenced that hep3-ga and hep3-aa modulated working memory functional response conditional to the health/disease status in the cuneus, precuneus, middle cingulate cortex and the ventrolateral and dorsolateral prefrontal cortices. 2022-05-05 2023-01-27 human
Josefine Andin, Emil Holme. Reorganization of large-scale brain networks in deaf signing adults: The role of auditory cortex in functional reorganization following deafness. Neuropsychologia vol issue 2022 34990695 in addition, we showed stronger functional connectivity for deaf compared to hearing individuals from the middle and superior temporal cortices to the cingulate cortex, insular cortex, cuneus and precuneus, supramarginal gyrus, supplementary motor area, and cerebellum crus 1, and stronger connectivity for hearing non-signers to hippocampus, middle and superior frontal gyri, pre- and postcentral gyri, and cerebellum crus 8. 2022-01-06 2023-01-26 Not clear
Md Abdur Rahaman, Amanda Rodrigue, David Glahn, Jessica Turner, Vince Calhou. Shared sets of correlated polygenic risk scores and voxel-wise grey matter across multiple traits identified via bi-clustering. Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference vol 2021 issue 2021 34891724 the analysis reported various brain regions, including cerebellum, cuneus, precuneus, fusiform, supplementary motor area, that show significant correlation with polygenic risk scores across diverse groups of psychiatric conditions and non-psychiatric control traits. 2021-12-11 2023-01-26 Not clear
Amanda B Mucellini, Patr\\xc3\\xadcia M Miguel, Roberta Dalle Molle, Danitsa M Rodrigues, Tania D Machado, Roberta S Reis, Rudin\\xc3\\xa9ia Toazza, Giovanni A Salum, Andressa Bortoluzzi, Alexandre R Franco, Augusto Buchweitz, Barbara Barth, Marilyn Agranonik, Marouane Nassim, Michael J Meaney, Gisele G Manfro, Patr\\xc3\\xadcia P Silveir. Diminished insulin sensitivity is associated with altered brain activation to food cues and with risk for obesity - Implications for individuals born small for gestational age. Appetite vol issue 2021 34767841 homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance (homa-ir) was positively correlated with activation in the cuneus, and negatively correlated with activation in the middle frontal lobe, superior frontal gyrus and precuneus when presented with palatable food images versus non-food images in healthy adolescents. 2021-11-15 2023-01-26 human
Na Chen, Chenxi Zhao, Meng Wang, Jeffery A Jones, Peng Liu, Xi Chen, Gaolong Gong, Hanjun Li. Linking Cortical Morphology to Interindividual Variability in Auditory Feedback Control of Vocal Production. Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991) vol 31 issue 6 2021 33454738 greater cortical thickness in the right inferior frontal gyrus and superior parietal lobule and surface area in the left precuneus and cuneus were significantly correlated with smaller magnitudes of vocal responses. 2021-10-11 2023-01-26 Not clear
Javier Sanchez-Lopez, Nicol\\xc3\\xb2 Cardobi, Caterina A Pedersini, Silvia Savazzi, Carlo A Marz. What cortical areas are responsible for blindsight in hemianopic patients? Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior vol 132 issue 2021 32977179 in fact, the two areas that turned out to be critical for above-chance performance in the discrimination of moving versus non-moving visual stimuli were the precuneus and the posterior cingulate gyrus while for perceptual awareness reports the crucial areas were intracalcarine, supracalcarine, cuneus, and the posterior cingulate gyrus. 2021-06-21 2023-01-26 Not clear
Xia Deng, Zheng Liu, Qin Kang, Lin Lu, Yu Zhu, Renshi X. Cortical Structural Connectivity Alterations and Potential Pathogenesis in Mid-Stage Sporadic Parkinson's Disease. Frontiers in aging neuroscience vol 13 issue 2021 34135748 results showed that the significant alteration of cortical structural connectivity mainly occurred in the bilateral frontal orbital, opercular, triangular, precentral, rectus, supplementary-motor, temporal pole, angular, heschl, parietal, supramarginal, postcentral, precuneus, occipital, lingual, cuneus, rolandic-opercular, cingulum, parahippocampal, calcarine, olfactory, insula, paracentral-lobule, and fusiform regions at the mid-stage of spd. 2021-06-19 2023-01-26 Not clear
S E E C Bauduin, Z van der Pal, A M Pereira, O C Meijer, E J Giltay, N J A van der Wee, S J A van der Werf. Cortical thickness abnormalities in long-term remitted Cushing's disease. Translational psychiatry vol 10 issue 1 2021 32826851 whole-brain analyses indicated thinner cortices of the left caudal acc, left cuneus, left posterior cingulate cortex, right rostral acc, and bilateral precuneus compared to hcs. 2021-06-18 2023-01-26 Not clear
C\\xc3\\xa9line Charroud, Nicolas Menjot de Champfleur, Emily Sanrey, Josef Pfeuffer, J\\xc3\\xa9r\\xc3\\xa9my Deverdun, Emmanuelle Le Bars, Philippe Coube. Differential effects of hunger on cerebral blood flow in healthy adolescents. Behavioural brain research vol 383 issue 2021 31982461 in response to satiation, we observed higher cbf values in the precuneus, lingual gyrus and cuneus which are involved in the aspects of response inhibition related to food intake. 2021-05-25 2023-01-26 human
C\\xc3\\xa9line Charroud, Nicolas Menjot de Champfleur, Emily Sanrey, Josef Pfeuffer, J\\xc3\\xa9r\\xc3\\xa9my Deverdun, Emmanuelle Le Bars, Philippe Coube. Differential effects of hunger on cerebral blood flow in healthy adolescents. Behavioural brain research vol 383 issue 2021 31982461 furthermore, we show that correlation between mood assessment and cbf is modulated by appetite in the precuneus, anterior cingulate gyrus, anterior orbitofrontal gyrus, occipital gyrus and cuneus, suggesting that participants affected by depressed mood could use ruminative processing in order to evaluate the reward of an upcoming meal. 2021-05-25 2023-01-26 human
Akira Kunimatsu, Koichiro Yasaka, Hiroyuki Akai, Natsuko Kunimatsu, Osamu Ab. MRI findings in posttraumatic stress disorder. Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI vol 52 issue 2 2021 31515885 mri findings have implicated that brain regions associated with ptsd pathophysiology include the medial and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, orbitofrontal cortex, insula, lentiform nucleus, amygdala, hippocampus and parahippocampus, anterior and posterior cingulate cortex, precuneus, cuneus, fusiform and lingual gyri, and the white matter tracts connecting these brain regions. 2021-05-14 2023-01-26 Not clear