All Relations between ventral tegmental area of tsai and nucleus accumbens

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Laura C Ornelas, Giorgia Boero, Kalynn Van Voorhies, Todd K O'Buckley, Joyce Besheer, A Leslie Morro. Pharmacological administration of 3\\xce\\xb1,5\\xce\\xb1-THP into nucleus accumbens core increases 3\\xce\\xb1,5\\xce\\xb1-THP expression and reduces alcohol self-administration. Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research vol issue 2023 36587947 alcohol affects multiple circuits in the brain, mainly disrupting the delicate balance between inhibitory \xce\xb3-aminobutyric acid (gaba) transmission and excitatory glutamate signaling in brain areas involved in reward circuits, such as amygdala, nucleus accumbens (acb) and ventral tegmental area (vta), causing loss of control in circuits that regulate behavioral control of craving, alcohol-seeking and intake. 2023-01-01 2023-01-05 Not clear
Maria Pina Serra, Francesco Sanna, Marianna Boi, Laura Poddighe, Lorenzo Secci, Marcello Trucas, Alberto Fern\\xc3\\xa1ndez-Teruel, Maria Giuseppa Corda, Osvaldo Giorgi, Marina Quart. Acute Stress Induces Different Changes on the Expression of BDNF and trkB in the Mesocorticolimbic System of Two Lines of Rats Differing in Their Response to Stressors. International journal of molecular sciences vol 23 issue 23 2022 36499323 the present work was undertaken to investigate the effects of acute forced swimming (fs) on the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf) and tyrosine kinase receptor b (trkb) proteins in: the ventral tegmental area (vta); the nucleus accumbens (acb) shell and core compartments; and the anterior cingulate (acg), prelimbic (pl) and infralimbic (il) territories of the prefrontal cortex of genetic models of vulnerability (rla, roman low-avoidance rats) and resistance (rha, roman high-avoidance rats) to stress-induced depression. 2022-12-11 2022-12-15 Not clear
Noelia Cantero-Garc\\xc3\\xada, Antonio Flores-Burgess, Juan Pedro Pineda-G\\xc3\\xb3mez, Laura Orio, Antonia Serrano, Zaida D\\xc3\\xadaz-Cabiale, Carmelo Mill\\xc3\\xb3. Galanin N-terminal fragment (1-15) reduces alcohol seeking and alcohol relapse in rats: Involvement of mesocorticolimbic system. Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie vol 153 issue 2022 36076594 notably, the mechanism of gal(1-15)-mediated actions involved changes in c-fos, dopamine receptors and 5ht1a expression in the ventral tegmental area, accumbens nucleus and prefrontal cortex. 2022-09-09 2022-09-14 Not clear
Richard Quansah Amissah, Sandrine Chometton, Juliane Calvez, Genevieve Gu\\xc3\\xa8vremont, Elena Timofeeva, Igor Timofee. Differential Expression of DeltaFosB in Reward Processing Regions Between Binge Eating Prone and Resistant Female Rats. Frontiers in systems neuroscience vol 14 issue 2020 33177996 the number of \xce\x94fosb-expressing neurons was: (1) higher in bep than ber rats in reward processing areas [medial prefrontal cortex (mpfc), nucleus accumbens (acb), and ventral tegmental area (vta)]; (2) similar in taste processing areas [insular cortex, ic and parabrachial nucleus (pbn)]; and (3) higher in the paraventricular nucleus of bep than ber rats, but not different in the locus coeruleus (lc), which are stress processing structures. 2020-11-13 2022-01-13 Not clear
Rao Fu, Wanhong Zuo, Nimisha Shiwalkar, Qinghua Mei, Qing Fan, Xuejun Chen, Jing Li, Alex Bekker, Jiang-Hong Y. Alcohol withdrawal drives depressive behaviors by activating neurons in the rostromedial tegmental nucleus. Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology vol 44 issue 8 2020 30928995 there is, however, little evidence that the rmtg-ventral tegmental area (vta)-nucleus accumbens shell (acb) circuit plays a role in the aversive consequences of alcohol withdrawal. 2020-03-31 2022-01-13 Not clear
Fabrizio Sanna, Laura Poddighe, Maria Pina Serra, Marianna Boi, Jessica Bratzu, Francesco Sanna, Maria Giuseppa Corda, Osvaldo Giorgi, Maria Rosaria Melis, Antonio Argiolas, Marina Quart. c-Fos, \\xce\\x94FosB, BDNF, trkB and Arc Expression in the Limbic System of Male Roman High- and Low-Avoidance Rats that Show Differences in Sexual Behavior: Effect of Sexual Activity. Neuroscience vol 396 issue 2019 30423358 since sexual activity is a natural reward that induces neural activation and synaptic plastic changes in limbic brain areas, we studied whether the differences in sexual activity between these rat lines are accompanied by changes in the expression of markers of neural activation and plasticity, i.e., c-fos, \xce\x94fosb (a truncated form of fosb), brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf) and its tyrosine kinase receptor b (trkb) and activity regulated cytoskeleton-associated (arc) protein in the ventral tegmental area (vta), nucleus accumbens (acb) (core and shell) and medial prefrontal cortex (mpfc) of sexually na\xc3\xafve and experienced rha and rla rats by western blot and/or immunohistochemistry. 2019-04-01 2022-01-13 Not clear
Mar\\xc3\\xada Paula Cornejo, Franco Barrile, Pablo Nicol\\xc3\\xa1s De Francesco, Enrique Leo Portiansky, Mirta Reynaldo, Mario Perell. Ghrelin Recruits Specific Subsets of Dopamine and GABA Neurons of Different Ventral Tegmental Area Sub-nuclei. Neuroscience vol 392 issue 2019 30268780 in wild-type mice, we found that: (1) ghrelin binding cells are present in most vta sub-nuclei but not in its main target, the nucleus accumbens (acb); (2) systemically injected ghrelin increases food intake but does neither affect locomotor activity nor the levels of the marker of neuronal activation c-fos in the vta sub-nuclei; (3) centrally injected ghrelin increases food intake, locomotor activity and c-fos levels in non-da neurons of all vta sub-nuclei; (4) intra-vta-injected ghrelin increases food intake, locomotor activity and c-fos levels in non-da neurons of all vta sub-nuclei; (5) both centrally and intra-vta-injected ghrelin increase c-fos levels in da neurons of the parabrachial pigmented vta sub-nucleus. 2019-03-06 2022-01-13 Not clear
Jos\\xc3\\xa9 M Oliva, Jorge Manzanare. Gene transcription alterations associated with decrease of ethanol intake induced by naltrexone in the brain of Wistar rats. Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology vol 32 issue 6 2007 17063152 voluntary ethanol consumption altered mu-opioid receptor function in the cingulate cortex, caudate-putamen (cpu), nucleus accumbens core (acb c) and shell (acb s), the expression of tyrosine hydroxylase (th) in the ventral tegmental area and substantia nigra, proenkephalin (penk) in the piriform cortex, olfactory tubercle, cpu, acb c and acb s, ventromedial nucleus (vmn) and paraventricular nucleus (pvn) of the hypothalamus, corticotropin releasing factor (crf) in pvn, cannabinoid cb(1) receptor (cb1-r) in the cpu, hippocampus and vmn, and serotonin transporter (5-htt) in the dorsal and median raphe nuclei. 2007-07-27 2022-01-12 Not clear
D J Lodge, A A Grac. Acute and chronic corticotropin-releasing factor 1 receptor blockade inhibits cocaine-induced dopamine release: correlation with dopamine neuron activity. The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics vol 314 issue 1 2005 15784652 in addition, the effect of crf1 receptor antagonism on cocaine-induced da overflow in the acb was examined and correlated with da neuron activity in the ventral tegmental area (vta). 2005-08-26 2022-01-12 Not clear
Maia Terashvili, Hsiang-en Wu, Randy J Leitermann, Kuei-chun Hung, Andrew D Clithero, Emma T Schwasinger, Leon F Tsen. Differential conditioned place preference responses to endomorphin-1 and endomorphin-2 microinjected into the posterior nucleus accumbens shell and ventral tegmental area in the rat. The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics vol 309 issue 2 2004 14755004 an unbiased conditioned place preference (cpp) paradigm was used to evaluate the reward effects of endogenous mu-opioid receptor ligands endomorphin-1 (em-1) and endomorphin-2 (em-2) from the mesolimbic posterior nucleus accumbens (acb) shell and the ventral tegmental area (vta) in cd rats. 2004-06-21 2022-01-12 Not clear
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J Chen, R Marmur, A Pulles, W Paredes, E L Gardne. Ventral tegmental microinjection of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol enhances ventral tegmental somatodendritic dopamine levels but not forebrain dopamine levels: evidence for local neural action by marijuana's psychoactive ingredient. Brain research vol 621 issue 1 1993 8221074 microinjection of 12 micrograms or 24 micrograms delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 9-thc), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and hashish, into the vta produced a dose-dependent increase in somatodendritic da levels in vta but failed to produce any simultaneous change in extracellular da in acb. 1993-12-09 2022-01-10 Not clear