All Relations between dopamine and dat

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Michael R Chojnacki, Eric B Thorndike, John S Partilla, Kenner C Rice, Charles W Schindler, Michael H Bauman. The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics vol issue 2023 36669877 synaptosomes were prepared from rat caudate for dopamine transporter (dat) assays, or from whole brain minus caudate and cerebellum for norepinephrine transporter (net) and serotonin transporter (sert) assays. 2023-01-20 2023-01-30 rat
Daniel Kalinowski, Krystyna Bogus-Nowakowska, Anna Koz\\xc5\\x82owska, Maciej R\\xc3\\xb3wnia. Dopaminergic and cholinergic modulation of the amygdala is altered in female mice with oestrogen receptor \\xce\\xb2 deprivation. Scientific reports vol 13 issue 1 2023 36650256 the results show that among dopaminergic markers, the expression of tyrosine hydroxylase (th), dopamine transporter (dat) and dopamine d 2023-01-17 2023-01-30 mouse
Patrick J Kearney, Nicholas C Bolden, Elizabeth Kahuno, Tucker L Conklin, Gilles E Martin, Gert Lubec, Haley E Melikia. Presynaptic Gq-coupled receptors drive biphasic dopamine transporter trafficking that modulates dopamine clearance and motor function. The Journal of biological chemistry vol issue 2023 36640864 extracellular dopamine (da) levels are constrained by the presynaptic da transporter (dat), a major psychostimulant target. 2023-01-14 2023-01-30 Not clear
Riccardo Camedda, Chiara Giuseppina Bonomi, Martina Gaia Di Donna, Agostino Chiaravallot. Functional Correlates of Striatal Dopamine Transporter Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels in Alzheimer's Disease: A Preliminary International journal of molecular sciences vol 24 issue 1 2023 36614193 functional correlates of striatal dopamine transporter cerebrospinal fluid levels in alzheimer's disease: a preliminary the aim of our study was to investigate regional glucose metabolism with 18f-fdg positron emission tomography/computed tomography in a population of patients with alzheimer's disease (ad) in relation to cerebrospinal (csf) levels of striatal dopamine transporter (dat). 2023-01-08 2023-01-30 Not clear
Ji Hwan Kim, Jonghu Jeon, Young Lee, Seung Min Kim, Miju Cheon, Jun Yup Ki. Striatal Dopaminergic Loss and Dysphagia in Parkinson Disease. Clinical nuclear medicine vol 48 issue 2 2023 36607363 to better understand the development of dysphagia in patients with parkinson disease (pd) and to identify possible neuromodulatory target regions of dysphagia, we studied the striatal dopamine transporter (dat) availability distribution by subtype of dysphagia. 2023-01-06 2023-01-30 Not clear
Susanna Molas, Rubing Zhao-Shea, Timothy G Freels, Andrew R Tappe. Viral tracing confirms paranigral ventral tegmental area dopaminergic inputs to the interpeduncular nucleus where dopamine release encodes motivated exploration. eNeuro vol issue 2023 36599671 to verify the existence of this circuit, we combined presynaptic targeted and retrograde viral tracing in the dopamine transporter (dat)-cre mouse line. 2023-01-04 2023-01-30 mouse
Jacqueline Saenz, Oscar Yao, Elnaz Khezerlou, Meha Aggarwal, Xiaofeng Zhou, David J Barker, Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom, Ping-Yue Pa. Cocaine-regulated trafficking of dopamine transporters in cultured neurons revealed by a pH sensitive reporter. iScience vol 26 issue 1 2023 36594015 cocaine acts by inhibiting plasma membrane dopamine transporter (dat) function and altering its surface expression. 2023-01-03 2023-01-30 mouse
Leonardo Alexandre-Santos, Ana Carolina Trevisan, Felipe Arriva Pitella, Vitor Tumas, Jose Henrique Silvah, Mery Kato, Eder Rezende de Moraes, Lauro Wichert-An. Assessment of different regions of interest-based methods for [99mTc]Tc DAT-SPECT quantification using an anthropomorphic striatal phantom. EJNMMI physics vol 9 issue 1 2022 36577862 molecular imaging of the dopamine transporters (dat) provides valuable information about neurodegenerative diseases, such as parkinson's. 2022-12-28 2023-01-30 Not clear
Tahereh Ghaedian, Ali Razmkon, Leila Kalhor, Vahid Reza Ostovan, Omid Yousefi, Raziyeh Rezaei, Mohammad Reza Hossein-Tehrani, Abbas Rakhsh. Correlation of response to subthalamic deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease patients with striatal dopamine transporter density on 99mtc-TRODAT-1 SPECT. Neurological research vol issue 2022 36573915 since the loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra is the main pathophysiology of pd, we aimed to evaluate the association of response to dbs with preoperative dopamine transporter density (dat) and its postoperative changes in pd patients who underwent the bilateral implantation of the electrodes in the subthalamic nucleus (stn). 2022-12-27 2023-01-30 Not clear
Shiyu Wang, Anna I Neel, Kristen L Adams, Haiguo Sun, Sara R Jones, Allyn C Howlett, Rong Che. Atorvastatin differentially regulates the interactions of cocaine and amphetamine with dopamine transporters. Neuropharmacology vol issue 2022 36567004 the function of dopamine transporters (dat) is regulated by membrane cholesterol content. 2022-12-25 2023-01-30 Not clear
Shiyu Wang, Anna I Neel, Kristen L Adams, Haiguo Sun, Sara R Jones, Allyn C Howlett, Rong Che. Atorvastatin differentially regulates the interactions of cocaine and amphetamine with dopamine transporters. Neuropharmacology vol issue 2022 36567004 a direct, acute removal of membrane cholesterol by methyl-\xce\xb2-cyclodextrin (m\xce\xb2cd) has been shown to reduce dopamine (da) uptake and release mediated by dat. 2022-12-25 2023-01-30 Not clear
Sarah Thomas Broome, Alessandro Castorin. Systemic Rotenone Administration Causes Extra-Nigral Alterations in C57BL/6 Mice. Biomedicines vol 10 issue 12 2022 36551930 molecular analyses showed reductions of both th and dat expression in the midbrain, striatum and spinal cord, accompanied by altered expression of dopamine receptors and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf). 2022-12-23 2023-01-30 mouse
Gordana Nedic Erjavec, Mirko Grubor, Maja Zivkovic, Nada Bozina, Marina Sagud, Matea Nikolac Perkovic, Alma Mihaljevic-Peles, Nela Pivac, Dubravka Svob Stra. Biomedicines vol 10 issue 12 2022 36551993 since dopamine availability might influence the aip risk, the dopamine transporter (dat) and serotonin receptors (5-htrs), which modulate the dopamine release, may be also involved in the aip development. 2022-12-23 2023-01-30 Not clear
Bira Arumndari Nurrahma, Tu-Hsueh Yeh, Rong-Hong Hsieh, Shu-Ping Tsao, Chia-Wen Chen, Yen-Peng Lee, Chun-Hsu Pan, Hui-Yu Huan. Mangosteen Pericarp Extract Supplementation Boosts Antioxidant Status via Rebuilding Gut Microbiota to Attenuate Motor Deficit in 6-OHDA-Induced Parkinson's Disease. Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland) vol 11 issue 12 2022 36552604 we revealed that the 8-week supplementation of a low dose (lmp) and a high dose of the mp extract (hmp) improved motor function, as observed in decreased contralateral rotation, improved time spent on rod, and higher dopamine binding transporter (dat) in the substantia nigra pars compacta (snc). 2022-12-23 2023-01-30 rat
Adele Stewart, Gwynne L Davis, Lorena B Areal, Maximilian J Rabil, Vuong Tran, Felix P Mayer, Randy D Blakel. Male DAT Val559 Mice Exhibit Compulsive Behavior under Devalued Reward Conditions Accompanied by Cellular and Pharmacological Changes. Cells vol 11 issue 24 2022 36552823 identified across multiple psychiatric disorders, the dopamine (da) transporter (dat) ala559val substitution triggers non-vesicular, anomalous da efflux (ade), perturbing da neurotransmission and behavior. 2022-12-23 2023-01-30 mouse
Garima Singh, Namrata Mittra, Chetna Sing. Tempol and silymarin rescue from zinc-induced degeneration of dopaminergic neurons through modulation of oxidative stress and inflammation. Molecular and cellular biochemistry vol issue 2022 36562918 conversely, zn elevated the expression of dopamine transporter (dat) and mitochondrial bcl-2-associated x (bax) protein along with mitochondrial cytochrome c release. 2022-12-23 2023-01-30 Not clear
Gustavo Henrique Marques Sousa, Renan Augusto Gomes, Eliseu Ortega de Oliveira, Gustavo Henrique Goulart Trossin. Machine learning methods applied for the prediction of biological activities of triple reuptake inhibitors. Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics vol issue 2022 36546689 thus, major efforts have been made to develop drugs that inhibit serotonin (sert), norepinephrine (net) and dopamine (dat) transporters and increase the availability of these monoamines. 2022-12-22 2023-01-30 Not clear
David Matuskey, Jean-Dominique Gallezot, Nabeel Nabulsi, Shannan Henry, Kristen Torres, Mark Dias, Gustavo A Angarita, Yiyun Huang, Susan E Shoaf, Richard E Carson, Shailly Mehrotr. Neurotransmitter transporter occupancy following administration of centanafadine sustained-release tablets: A phase 1 study in healthy male adults. Journal of psychopharmacology (Oxford, England) vol issue 2022 36515395 centanafadine is an inhibitor of reuptake transporters for norepinephrine (net), dopamine (dat) and serotonin (sert). 2022-12-14 2023-01-30 Not clear
Jason Langley, Kristy S Hwang, Xiaoping P Hu, Daniel E Huddlesto. Nigral volumetric and microstructural measures in individuals with scans without evidence of dopaminergic deficit. Frontiers in neuroscience vol 16 issue 2022 36507343 striatal dopamine transporter (dat) imaging using 2022-12-12 2023-01-30 Not clear
Omeed Rahimi, Jianjing Cao, Jenny Lam, Steven R Childers, Rana Rais, Linda J Porrino, Amy Newman, Michael A Nade. The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics vol issue 2022 36507847 furthermore, the range of dopamine transporter (dat) compounds provides an opportunity to develop pharmacotherapeutics without abuse liability. 2022-12-12 2023-01-30 rat