All Relations between dopamine and dat

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Chen Dongfang, Mao Xianzhi, Lou Cen, Huang Zhongk. Use of Hellenic journal of nuclear medicine vol issue 2022 36507880 use of this study aimed to explore the availability of striatal dopamine transporter (dat) after deep brain stimulation (dbs) by single photon emission computed tomography (spect) using technetium-99m-labeled tropane derivative ( 2022-12-12 2023-01-30 Not clear
Ciara Frances Pugh, Brian Thomas DeVree, Solveig Gaarde Schmidt, Claus Juul Lolan. Pharmacological Characterization of Purified Full-Length Dopamine Transporter from Cells vol 11 issue 23 2022 36497070 pharmacological characterization of purified full-length dopamine transporter from the dopamine transporter (dat) is a member of the neurotransmitter:sodium symporter (nss) family, mediating the sodium-driven reuptake of dopamine from the extracellular space thereby terminating dopaminergic neurotransmission. 2022-12-11 2023-01-30 Not clear
Marta Pardo, Michele Martin, Raul R Gainetdinov, Deborah C Mash, Sari Izenwasse. Heterozygote Dopamine Transporter Knockout Rats Display Enhanced Cocaine Locomotion in Adolescent Females. International journal of molecular sciences vol 23 issue 23 2022 36499749 the dopamine transporter (dat) plays a major role in mediating cocaine's reward effect. 2022-12-11 2023-01-30 rat
Seong Ho Jeong, Chan Wook Park, Hye Sun Lee, Yun Joong Kim, Mijin Yun, Phil Hyu Lee, Young H Sohn, Seok Jong Chun. Patterns of striatal dopamine depletion and motor deficits in de novo Parkinson's disease. Journal of neural transmission (Vienna, Austria : 1996) vol issue 2022 36462096 we enrolled 404 drug-na\xc3\xafve patients with early stage pd who underwent dopamine transporter (dat) imaging. 2022-12-03 2023-01-30 human
Seong Ho Jeong, Chan Wook Park, Hye Sun Lee, Yun Joong Kim, Mijin Yun, Phil Hyu Lee, Young H Sohn, Seok Jong Chun. Patterns of striatal dopamine depletion and motor deficits in de novo Parkinson's disease. Journal of neural transmission (Vienna, Austria : 1996) vol issue 2022 36462096 after quantifying dat availability in each striatal sub-region, principal component (pc) analysis was conducted to yield pcs representing the spatial patterns of striatal dopamine depletion. 2022-12-03 2023-01-30 human
Samantha Ayoub, Johnny A Kenton, Morgane Milienne-Petiot, Debbie S Deben, Cristian Achim, Mark A Geyer, William Perry, Igor E Grant, Jared W Young, Arpi Minassia. iTat transgenic mice exhibit hyper-locomotion in the behavioral pattern monitor after chronic exposure to methamphetamine but are unaffected by Tat expression. Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior vol issue 2022 36462584 the hiv regulatory protein, tat, has been implicated in the neurobehavioral impacts of hiv and is purported to inhibit dopamine transporter (dat) function in a way similar to methamphetamine. 2022-12-03 2023-01-30 mouse
Seong Ho Jeong, Namki Hong, Hye Sun Lee, Sookyeong Han, Young-Gun Lee, Yoonju Lee, Yumie Rhee, Young H Sohn, Phil Hyu Le. Low skull bone density is associated with poor motor prognosis in women with Parkinson's disease. Frontiers in aging neuroscience vol 14 issue 2022 36457758 we analyzed the data of 260 drug-na\xc3\xafve female pd patients aged \xe2\x89\xa550 years old who were followed-up for \xe2\x89\xa53 years after their first visit to the clinic with baseline dopamine transporter (dat) imaging. 2022-12-02 2023-01-30 Not clear
Rui-Fang Wang, Yan-Peng Li, Han-Yue Zhang, Sha-Sha Xu, Zhuo Wang, Xing-Min Han, Bao-Ping Li. Sleep benefit in patients with Parkinson's disease is associated with the dopamine transporter expression in putamen. Brain research vol issue 2022 36460060 this study aimed to evaluate whether the sb phenomenon in pd patients is associated with dopamine transporter (dat) expression levels in the striatum. 2022-12-02 2023-01-30 Not clear
Sarah E Davis, Mark J Ferris, Subramaniam Ananthan, Corinne E Augelli-Szafran, Jun Zh. The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics vol issue 2022 36456195 development of neurocognitive disorder in hiv infected patients has been linked to dysregulation of dopamine by hiv-1 transactivator of transcription (tat) protein, a negative allosteric modulator of dopamine transporter (dat). 2022-12-01 2023-01-30 Not clear
Skye Hsin-Hsien Yeh, Chuang-Hsin Chiu, Hung-Wen Kao, Ching-Po Lin, Yu-Hus Lai, Wen-Sheng Huan. Multi-Modal Synergistic 99mTc-TRODAT-1 SPECT and MRI for Evaluation of the Efficacy of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in CO-Induced Delayed Parkinsonian and Non-Parkinsonian Syndromes. Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland) vol 11 issue 11 2022 36421475 we examined the relationship between dopamine transporter (dat) loss using kit-based tc-99m-trodat-1 (dat single-photon emission-computed tomography (spect) radioligand) and globus pallidus necrosis on mri, dat availability before and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy (hbot), and feasibility of tc-99m-trodat-1 as an index for parkinsonian syndrome in co poisoning. 2022-11-24 2023-01-30 Not clear
Andr\\xc3\\xa9s Angel Calderon-Garcia, Maria Perez-Fernandez, Daniel Curto-Aguilera, Ivan Rodriguez-Martin, Mercedes S\\xc3\\xa1nchez-Barba, Veronica Gonzalez-Nune. Exposure to Morphine and Cocaine Modify the Transcriptomic Landscape in Zebrafish Embryos. Neuroscience vol issue 2022 36404518 cocaine is a potent inhibitor of dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline reuptake, as it blocks dat, the dopamine transporter, causing an increase in the local concentration of these neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft. 2022-11-21 2023-01-30 zebrafish
Mehmet Evren \\xc3\\x96zt\\xc3\\xbcrk, An\\xc4\\xb1l Yir\\xc3\\xbcn, Selinay Ba\\xc5\\x9fak Erdemli-K\\xc3\\xb6se, Aylin Balc\\xc4\\xb1-\\xc3\\x96zyurt, Deniz Arca \\xc3\\x87ak\\xc4\\xb1r, Didem Oral, P\\xc4\\xb1nar Erkeko\\xc4\\x9fl. Evaluation of the toxic effects of thimerosal and/or aluminum hydroxide in SH-SY5Y cell line. Human & experimental toxicology vol 41 issue 2022 36411272 nuclear factor erythroid 2-associated factor 2 (nrf2), norepinephrine (ne), dopamine transporter (dat) and dopamine beta \xce\xb2-hydroxylase (dbh) levels were measured by sandwich elisa kits while 8-hydroxy deoxyguanosine (8-ohdg) and dopamine levels were determined by competitive elisa kits. 2022-11-21 2023-01-30 Not clear
Susanna Jakobson Mo, Jan Axelsson, Lars Stiernman, Katrine Riklun. Validation of dynamic [ EJNMMI research vol 12 issue 1 2022 36394638 validation of dynamic [ dopamine transporter (dat) imaging is used in the diagnostic work-up in suspected parkinsonian syndromes and dementia with lewy bodies but cannot differentiate between these syndromes, and an extra brain imaging examination of the regional cerebral blood flow (rcbf) or glucose metabolism is often needed for differential diagnosis. 2022-11-17 2023-01-30 Not clear
Thomas R Barber, Kinan Muhammed, Daniel Drew, Kevin M Bradley, Daniel R McGowan, Johannes C Klein, Sanjay G Manohar, Michele T M Hu, Masud Husai. Reward insensitivity is associated with dopaminergic deficit in rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder. Brain : a journal of neurology vol issue 2022 36395092 however, although dopamine transporter (dat) spect has been used to demonstrate the presence of nigro-striatal deficit in irbd, quantifiable correlates of this are currently lacking. 2022-11-17 2023-01-30 Not clear
Hyeon Jin Lee, Kyonghwan Choe, Jun Sung Park, Amjad Khan, Min Woo Kim, Tae Ju Park, Myeong Ok Ki. O-Cyclic Phytosphingosine-1-Phosphate Protects against Motor Dysfunctions and Glial Cell Mediated Neuroinflammation in the Parkinson's Disease Mouse Models. Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland) vol 11 issue 11 2022 36358479 in addition, administration of cps1p restored dopamine-related proteins such as tyrosine hydroxylase (th), vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (vmat2), and dopamine transporter (dat). 2022-11-11 2023-01-30 mouse
Jameel N Hamdan, Jorge A Sierra-Fonseca, Rodolfo J Flores, Sigifredo Saucedo, Manuel Miranda-Arango, Laura E O'Dell, Kristin L Gosselin. Early-life adversity increases anxiety-like behavior and modifies synaptic protein expression in a region-specific manner. Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience vol 16 issue 2022 36338879 the hippocampus (hipp), medial prefrontal cortex (mpfc), nucleus accumbens (nac), and caudate putamen (cpu) were isolated from one subgroup of animals and subjected to western blot and protein quantitation for tyrosine hydroxylase (th), \xce\xb1-synuclein (alpha), nmda receptor (nmdar), dopamine receptor-1 (d1) and -2 (d2), dopamine transporter (dat), and postsynaptic density 95 (psd95). 2022-11-07 2023-01-30 rat
Jing Deng, Xirong Zheng, Linyue Shang, Chang-Guo Zhan, Fang Zhen. Gender differences in cocaine-induced hyperactivity and dopamine transporter trafficking to the plasma membrane. Addiction biology vol 27 issue 6 2022 36301205 as well known, cocaine induces stimulant effects and dopamine transporter (dat) trafficking to the plasma membrane of dopaminergic neurons. 2022-10-27 2023-01-30 rat
Elon Wallert, Erwann Letort, Friso van der Zant, Ania Winogrodzka, Henk Berendse, Martijn Beudel, Rob de Bie, Jan Booij, Pieter Raijmakers, Elsmarieke van de Giesse. Comparison of [ EJNMMI research vol 12 issue 1 2022 36273088 comparison of [ two commonly used imaging techniques to aid in the diagnosis of neurodegenerative parkinsonian syndromes are dopamine transporter (dat) imaging with [ 2022-10-23 2023-01-30 Not clear
Tanya Simuni, Kalpana Merchant, Michael C Brumm, Hyunkeun Cho, Chelsea Caspell-Garcia, Christopher S Coffey, Lana M Chahine, Roy N Alcalay, Kelly Nudelman, Tatiana Foroud, Brit Mollenhauer, Andrew Siderowf, Caroline Tanner, Hirotaka Iwaki, Todd Sherer, Kenneth Mare. Longitudinal clinical and biomarker characteristics of non-manifesting LRRK2 G2019S carriers in the PPMI cohort. NPJ Parkinson's disease vol 8 issue 1 2022 36273008 all participants were assessed annually with comprehensive motor and non-motor scales, dopamine transporter (dat) imaging, and biofluid biomarkers. 2022-10-22 2023-01-30 human
Tsung-Hua Lu, Shih-Hsien Lin, Huai-Hsuan Tseng, Yen Kuang Yang, Nan Tsing Chiu, Po See Che. Striatal Dopamine Transporter Availability is Associated with Sleep Disturbance among Patients with Bipolar I Disorder: A Single-photon Emission Computed Tomography Study Using [ Clinical psychopharmacology and neuroscience : the official scientific journal of the Korean College of Neuropsychopharmacology vol 20 issue 4 2022 36263651 whether the striatal dopamine transporter (dat) availability is related to sleep quality among patients with bd is unclear. 2022-10-20 2023-01-30 Not clear