All Relations between dopamine and snca

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Irma J\\xc3\\xa4rvel\\xc3\\xa. Genomics studies on musical aptitude, music perception, and practice. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences vol issue 2019 29570792 in addition to snca, several other genes were linked to dopamine metabolism. 2019-11-20 2023-01-26 human
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Christina E Khodr, Amanda Becerra, Ye Han, Martha C Boh. Targeting alpha-synuclein with a microRNA-embedded silencing vector in the rat substantia nigra: positive and negative effects. Brain research vol 1550 issue 2014 24463035 previously we showed that human (h)snca gene silencing using a short hairpin (sh)rna in rat substantia nigra (sn) protects against a hsnca-induced forelimb deficit, but not dopamine (da) neuron loss. 2014-11-03 2023-01-25 rat
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Anna Oczkowska, Wojciech Kozubski, Jolanta Dorszewsk. [Alpha-synuclein in Parkinson's disease]. Przeglad lekarski vol 71 issue 1 2014 24712265 in pd aggregation of asn can be modulated by many factors like: oxidative stress, other neuronal proteins, parkin, catecholamines especially dopamine, and mutations of snca gene. 2014-04-24 2023-01-25 Not clear
Anna Oczkowska, Wojciech Kozubski, Margarita Lianeri, Jolanta Dorszewsk. Mutations in PRKN and SNCA Genes Important for the Progress of Parkinson's Disease. Current genomics vol 14 issue 8 2014 24532983 despite numerous debates and controversies in the literature about the role of mutations in the snca and prkn genes in the pathogenesis of pd, it is evident that these genes play a key role in maintaining dopamine (da) neuronal homeostasis and that the dysfunction of this homeostasis is relevant to both familial (fpd) and sporadic (spd) pd with different onset. 2014-02-17 2023-01-25 Not clear
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Christina E Khodr, Jyothi Pedapati, Ye Han, Martha C Boh. Inclusion of a portion of the native SNCA 3'UTR reduces toxicity of human S129A SNCA on striatal-projecting dopamine neurons in rat substantia nigra. Developmental neurobiology vol 72 issue 6 2012 22021082 inclusion of a portion of the native snca 3'utr reduces toxicity of human s129a snca on striatal-projecting dopamine neurons in rat substantia nigra. 2012-09-28 2023-01-25 rat