All Relations between glutamate and hippocampus

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Justine Fortin-Houde, Fiona Henderson, Sylvie Dumas, Guillaume Ducharme, B\\xc3\\xa9n\\xc3\\xa9dicte Amilho. Parallel streams of raphe VGLUT3-positive inputs target the dorsal and ventral hippocampus in each hemisphere. The Journal of comparative neurology vol issue 2023 36855269 the hippocampus (hp) receives neurochemically diverse inputs from the raphe nuclei, including glutamatergic axons characterized by the expression of the vesicular glutamate transporter type 3 (vglut3). 2023-03-01 2023-03-06 Not clear
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Isadora Matias, Luan Pereira Diniz, Ana Paula Bergamo Araujo, Isabella Vivarini Damico, P\\xc3\\xa2mella de Moura, Felipe Cabral-Miranda, Fabiola Diniz, Belisa Parmeggiani, Valeria de Mello Coelho, Renata E P Leite, Claudia K Suemoto, Gustavo Costa Ferreira, Regina C\\xc3\\xa9lia Cussa Kubrusly, Fl\\xc3\\xa1via Carvalho Alcantara Gome. Age-Associated Upregulation of Glutamate Transporters and Glutamine Synthetase in Senescent Astrocytes In Vitro and in the Mouse and Human Hippocampus. ASN neuro vol 15 issue 2023 36815213 age-associated upregulation of glutamate transporters and glutamine synthetase in senescent astrocytes in vitro and in the mouse and human hippocampus. 2023-02-23 2023-03-06 mouse
Tomohiko Maruo, Kiyohito Mizutani, Muneaki Miyata, Toshihiko Kuriu, Shotaro Sakakibara, Hatena Takahashi, Daichi Kida, Kouki Maesaka, Tsukiko Sugaya, Ayuko Sakane, Takuya Sasaki, Yoshimi Takai, Kenji Manda. s-Afadin binds to MAGUIN/Cnksr2 and regulates the localization of the AMPA receptor and glutamatergic synaptic response in hippocampal neurons. The Journal of biological chemistry vol issue 2023 36803960 our electrophysiological analysis revealed that the postsynaptic response to glutamate, but not its release from the presynapse, was impaired in the maguin-deficient cultured hippocampal neurons. 2023-02-21 2023-03-06 Not clear
Pelin Saglam-Metiner, Utku Devamoglu, Yagmur Filiz, Soheil Akbari, Goze Beceren, Bakiye Goker, Burcu Yaldiz, Sena Yanasik, Cigir Biray Avci, Esra Erdal, Ozlem Yesil-Celikta. Spatio-temporal dynamics enhance cellular diversity, neuronal function and further maturation of human cerebral organoids. Communications biology vol 6 issue 1 2023 36788328 rccs and \xc2\xb5-platform organoids have reached ideal sizes, approximately 95% harvestability, prolonged culture time with ki-67\xe2\x80\x89+\xe2\x80\x89/cd31\xe2\x80\x89+\xe2\x80\x89/\xce\xb2-catenin+ proliferative, adhesive and endothelial-like cells and exhibited enriched cellular diversity (abundant neural/glial/ endothelial cell population), structural brain morphogenesis, further functional neuronal identities (glutamate secreting glutamatergic, gabaergic and hippocampal neurons) and synaptogenesis (presynaptic-postsynaptic interaction) during whole human brain development. 2023-02-14 2023-03-06 human
Pawel Grochecki, Irena Smaga, Karolina Wydra, Marta Marszalek-Grabska, Tymoteusz Slowik, Ewa Kedzierska, Joanna Listos, Ewa Gibula-Tarlowska, Malgorzata Filip, Jolanta H Kotlinsk. Impact of Mephedrone on Fear Memory in Adolescent Rats: Involvement of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) and N-Methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) Receptor. International journal of molecular sciences vol 24 issue 3 2023 36768263 we also analyzed whether these trauma-induced changes were associated with exacerbation in metalloproteinase-9 (mmp-9) and the glun2a and glun2b subunits of n-methyl-d-aspartate (nmda) glutamate receptor expression in such brain structures as the hippocampus and basolateral amygdala. 2023-02-11 2023-03-06 rat
Yanhui Hao, Weiqi Liu, Yujie Liu, Ying Liu, Zhengtao Xu, Yumeng Ye, Hongmei Zhou, Hua Deng, Hongyan Zuo, Hong Yang, Yang L. Effects of Nonthermal Radiofrequency Stimulation on Neuronal Activity and Neural Circuit in Mice. Advanced science (Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany) vol issue 2023 36755196 glutamate release in the dorsal hippocampus (dhpc) ca1 region is not significantly changed after radiofrequency exposure, whereas dopamine release is reduced. 2023-02-09 2023-03-06 mouse
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Shuyue Cheng, Jingjing Xu, Wei Wang, Rui Wang, Haonan Li, Zhijun Jiang, Dexiang Liu, Fang Pa. Inhibition of mGluR5 alters BDNF/TrkB and GLT-1 expression in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus and ameliorates PTSD-like behavior in rats. Psychopharmacology vol issue 2023 36725696 previous studies have shown that traumatic stress changes metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 (mglur5) expression in the hippocampus (hip) and prefrontal cortex (pfc). 2023-02-01 2023-03-06 rat
Jia Guo, Douglas L Rothman, Scott A Smal. Why Hippocampal Glutamate Levels Are Elevated in Schizophrenia. JAMA psychiatry vol issue 2023 36696108 why hippocampal glutamate levels are elevated in schizophrenia. 2023-01-25 2023-01-31 Not clear
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Qin-Wei Wu, Zheng-Quan Tan. Focusing on the Emerging Role of Kainate Receptors in the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus (DCN) and Cerebellum. International journal of molecular sciences vol 24 issue 2 2023 36675230 kainate receptors (kars) are one class of the glutamate receptor family and are strongly expressed in the hippocampus, the cerebellum, and cerebellum-like structures. 2023-01-21 2023-01-30 Not clear
Anant Jain, Catherine S Woolle. Mechanisms that underlie expression of estradiol-induced excitatory synaptic potentiation in the hippocampus differ between males and females. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience vol issue 2023 36650060 here, we used electrical stimulation and two-photon glutamate uncaging in hippocampal slices from adult male and female rats to investigate whether the downstream consequences of distinct molecular signaling remain different between the sexes or converge to the same mechanism(s) of expression of potentiation. 2023-01-17 2023-01-30 rat
Javad Karimi Abadchi, Zahra Rezaei, Thomas Kn\\xc3\\xb6pfel, Bruce L McNaughton, Majid H Mohajeran. Inhibition is a prevalent mode of activity in the neocortex around awake hippocampal ripples in mice. eLife vol 12 issue 2023 36645126 we addressed this possibility by conducting voltage and glutamate wide-field imaging of the neocortex with concurrent hippocampal electrophysiology in awake mice. 2023-01-16 2023-01-30 mouse
Yoon Ji Kwon, Sojeong Pak, Sunggu Yang, Sungchil Yan. Electrophysiological measurements of synaptic connectivity and plasticity in the longitudinal dentate gyrus network from mouse hippocampal slices. STAR protocols vol 4 issue 1 2023 36633949 we detail the steps for (1) obtaining acute mouse hippocampal slices that contain longitudinal dg-dg connections, (2) measuring excitatory postsynaptic potentials using whole-cell patch clamp recording combined with two-photon microscopy and glutamate uncaging, and (3) assessing synaptic plasticity using extracellular field recording. 2023-01-12 2023-01-30 mouse
Yuchen Hao, Estelle Toulm\\xc3\\xa9, Benjamin K\\xc3\\xb6nig, Christian Rosenmund, Andrew J R Pleste. Targeted sensors for glutamatergic neurotransmission. eLife vol 12 issue 2023 36622100 chimeras of stargazin and gamma-8 that we named snfr-\xce\xb32 and snfr-\xce\xb38, were enriched at synapses, retained function and reported spontaneous glutamate release in rat hippocampal cells, with apparently diffraction-limited spatial precision. 2023-01-09 2023-01-30 rat
Tatyana Y Postnikova, Dmitry V Amakhin, Alina M Trofimova, Natalia L Tumanova, Nadezhda M Dubrovskaya, Daria S Kalinina, Anna A Kovalenko, Anastasiia D Shcherbitskaia, Dmitry S Vasilev, Aleksey V Zaitse. Maternal Hyperhomocysteinemia Produces Memory Deficits Associated with Impairment of Long-Term Synaptic Plasticity in Young Rats. Cells vol 12 issue 1 2023 36611852 no significant alterations of glutamate receptor subunit expression except glun1 were detected in the hippocampus of hcy rats using the quantitative real-time pcr and western blot methods. 2023-01-08 2023-01-30 rat
Mohammad Keimasi, Kowsar Salehifard, Marzieh Shahidi, Fariba Esmaeili, Noushin Mirshah Jafar Esfahani, Siamak Beheshti, Mohammadreza Amirsadri, Faezeh Naseri, Mohammadjavad Keimasi, Najmeh Ghorbani, Mohammad Reza Mofid, Majid Moradman. Ameliorative effects of omega-lycotoxin-Gsp2671e purified from the spider venom of Frontiers in pharmacology vol 13 issue 2023 36588719 this condition can be induced by hyper-stimulation of n-methyl-d-aspartate receptors (nmdars) of glutamate in the hippocampus, which ends up to pyramidal neurons determination. 2023-01-02 2023-01-30 spider
Sukrit Promtang, Chairat Turbpaiboon, Eve Mon Oo, Ladawan Khowawisetsut, Panapat Uawithya, Supin Chompoopon. Germinated brown rice protects against glutamate toxicity in HT22 hippocampal neurons through the jnk-mediated apoptotic pathway via the GABA IBRO neuroscience reports vol 14 issue 2023 36590249 germinated brown rice protects against glutamate toxicity in ht22 hippocampal neurons through the jnk-mediated apoptotic pathway via the gaba the anti-apoptosis effect of germinated brown rice (gbr) focusing on differentiated ht22 cells results in improved nutritional values after the germination process of gbr which contains total phenolic compounds and \xce\xb3-aminobutyric acid (gaba). 2023-01-02 2023-01-30 Not clear