All Relations between olfactory and orn

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Chao Jiang, Xiaohui Wang, Yizhen Jiang, Zhe Chen, Yongyuan Zhang, Dingjun Hao, Hao Yan. The Anti-inflammation Property of Olfactory Ensheathing Cells in Neural Regeneration After Spinal Cord Injury. Molecular neurobiology vol issue 2022 35962300 in fact, oecs could support olfactory receptor neuron turnover and axonal extension, which is essential to maintain the function of olfactory nervous system. 2022-08-12 2023-01-30 Not clear
Sheng-Tien Li, Tai-Horng Young, Tsung-Wei Huan. Regeneration of olfactory neuroepithelium in 3-methylindole-induced anosmic rats treated with intranasal chitosan. Biomaterials vol 271 issue 2021 33711565 consequently, chitosan regenerates the on by regulating olfactory neural homeostasis and reducing orn apoptosis, and serves as a potential therapeutic intervention for olfactory dysfunction in the future. 2021-05-25 2023-01-26 rat
Noriyuki Nakashima, Kie Nakashima, Akiko Nakashima, Makoto Takan. Olfactory marker protein captures cAMP produced via G\\xce\\xb1s-protein-coupled receptor activation. Biochemical and biophysical research communications vol 529 issue 2 2021 32703433 olfactory marker protein (omp) labels the matured stage of olfactory receptor neurons (orn) and has promoted the investigation on the physiology of olfaction. 2021-02-12 2023-01-26 Not clear
Janez Pre\\xc5\\xa1er. Neurostatistical approach to toxicological testing in honeybees. MethodsX vol 7 issue 2020 33024712 investigators in the field of olfactory neurophysiology are faced with similar situation in which olfactory receptor neuron is spontaneously active. 2020-10-09 2023-01-26 Not clear
David A Clark, Seth R Odell, Joanna M Armstrong, Mariah Turcotte, Donovan Kohler, America Mathis, Deena R Schmidt, Dennis Mathe. Behavior Responses to Chemical and Optogenetic Stimuli in Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience vol 12 issue 2020 30622461 while considerable research has focused on orn responses to odorants, the mechanisms by which olfactory information is encoded in the activities of orns and translated into navigational behavior remain poorly understood. 2020-10-01 2023-01-26 Not clear
Tsung-Wei Huang, Sheng-Tien Li, Yu-Hsin Wang, Tai-Horng Youn. Regulation of chitosan-mediated differentiation of human olfactory receptor neurons by insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2. Acta biomaterialia vol 97 issue 2020 31421230 this work isolates and cultures human olfactory neuroepithelial cells (honcs) with various gags for 7\xe2\x80\xafdays, and find that chitosan promotes orn maturation, expressing olfactory marker protein (omp) and its functional components. 2020-08-17 2023-01-26 rat
Huey Hing, Noah Reger, Jennifer Snyder, Lee G Fradki. Interplay between axonal Wnt5-Vang and dendritic Wnt5-Drl/Ryk signaling controls glomerular patterning in the Drosophila antennal lobe. PLoS genetics vol 16 issue 5 2020 32357156 our work shows that the final patterning of the fly olfactory map is the result of an interplay between orn axons and pn dendrites, wherein converging pre- and postsynaptic processes contribute key wnt5 signaling components, allowing wnt5 to orient the rotation of nascent synapses through a pcp mechanism. 2020-07-27 2023-01-26 drosophila_melanogaster
Nao Utashiro, Claire R Williams, Jay Z Parrish, Kazuo Emot. Prior activity of olfactory receptor neurons is required for proper sensory processing and behavior in Drosophila larvae. Scientific reports vol 8 issue 1 2019 29872087 these findings together suggest a critical role for prior activity in information processing upon orn activation in drosophila larvae, which in turn contributes to olfactory behavior control. 2019-10-21 2023-01-26 drosophila_melanogaster
Patricia Duchamp-Viret, Michel Chapu. In Vivo Electrophysiological Recordings of Olfactory Receptor Neuron Units and Electro-olfactograms in Anesthetized Rats. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) vol 1820 issue 2019 29884942 this configuration will ensure that when a single orn does not respond to a stimulus it resulted from its qualitative selectivity and not from the olfactory mucosa damaged status. 2019-03-20 2023-01-26 rat
Jia Wern Pan, Qingyun Li, Scott Barish, Sumie Okuwa, Songhui Zhao, Charles Soeder, Matthew Kanke, Corbin D Jones, Pelin Cayirlioglu Volka. Patterns of transcriptional parallelism and variation in the developing olfactory system of Drosophila species. Scientific reports vol 7 issue 1 2019 28821769 our results suggest that the parallelism observed in the adult olfactory neuroanatomy of ecological specialists extends more broadly to their developmental antennal expression profiles, and to the transcription factor combinations specifying olfactory receptor neuron (orn) fates. 2019-03-15 2023-01-26 drosophila_melanogaster
Juhi Sardana, Cristina Organisti, Ilona C Grunwald Kado. Eph Receptor Effector Ephexin Mediates Olfactory Dendrite Targeting in Drosophila. Developmental neurobiology vol 78 issue 9 2019 30019861 the olfactory map develops in subsequent steps initially forming a rough and later a precise map of glomeruli in the antennal lobe (al), mainly consisting of olfactory receptor neuron (orn) axons and projection neuron (pn) dendrites. 2019-02-05 2023-01-26 drosophila_melanogaster
Melissa A Powell, Raiford T Black, Terry L Smith, Thomas M Reeves, Linda L Phillip. Mild Fluid Percussion Injury Induces Diffuse Axonal Damage and Reactive Synaptic Plasticity in the Mouse Olfactory Bulb. Neuroscience vol 371 issue 2018 29203228 ob extracts revealed 3\xe2\x80\xafd postinjury elevation of calpain-cleaved 150-kda \xce\xb1ii-spectrin, an indicator of axon damage, in tandem with reduced olfactory marker protein (omp), a protein specific to intact orn axons. 2018-12-11 2023-01-26 mouse
Melissa A Powell, Raiford T Black, Terry L Smith, Thomas M Reeves, Linda L Phillip. Mild Fluid Percussion Injury Induces Diffuse Axonal Damage and Reactive Synaptic Plasticity in the Mouse Olfactory Bulb. Neuroscience vol 371 issue 2018 29203228 robust 21\xe2\x80\xafd postinjury upregulation of gap-43 was consistent with the time course of orn axon sprouting and synapse regeneration reported after more severe olfactory insult. 2018-12-11 2023-01-26 mouse
Scott Barish, Qingyun Li, Jia W Pan, Charlie Soeder, Corbin Jones, Pelin C Volka. Transcriptional profiling of olfactory system development identifies distal antenna as a regulator of subset of neuronal fates. Scientific reports vol 7 issue 2018 28102318 despite a number of mutational studies investigating the regulation of orn development, a majority of the transcriptional programs that lead to the different orn classes in the developing olfactory system are unknown. 2018-10-22 2023-01-26 drosophila_melanogaster
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Amir Minovi, Ainhara Aguado, Daniela Brunert, Stefan Kurtenbach, Stefan Dazert, Hanns Hatt, Heike Conra. Isolation, culture optimization and functional characterization of stem cell neurospheres from mouse neonatal olfactory bulb and epithelium. European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology : official journal of the European Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societies (EUFOS) : affiliated with the German Society for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology - Head and Neck Surgery vol 274 issue 8 2018 28478501 the major aim of the study was the generation of olfactory neurospheres (ons) derived from ob and oe of neonatal mice as a tool to further analyze the elementary processes of orn development. 2018-03-06 2023-01-26 mouse
Joseph S Bell, Rachel I Wilso. Behavior Reveals Selective Summation and Max Pooling among Olfactory Processing Channels. Neuron vol 91 issue 2 2017 27373835 the olfactory system is divided into processing channels (glomeruli), each receiving input from a different type of olfactory receptor neuron (orn). 2017-08-22 2023-01-25 drosophila_melanogaster
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