All Relations between hypertrophic and matrix compartment

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
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R C Lee, J A Pin. Calcium antagonists retard extracellular matrix production in connective tissue equivalent. The Journal of surgical research vol 49 issue 5 1991 2246893 we conclude that cellular calcium metabolism appears to regulate extracellular matrix production and that hypertrophic disorders of wound healing may respond to therapy with calcium antagonist drugs. 1991-01-08 2023-01-23 Not clear
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M Eghbali, K T Webe. Collagen and the myocardium: fibrillar structure, biosynthesis and degradation in relation to hypertrophy and its regression. Molecular and cellular biochemistry vol 96 issue 1 1990 2146489 it suggests that interstitial heart disease, or the disproportionate growth of the extracellular matrix relative to myocyte hypertrophy, is an entity that merits greater understanding, particularly the factors regulating types i and iii collagen gene expression and their degradation. 1990-12-07 2023-01-23 Not clear
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C Gr\\xc3\\xb6nhagen-Risk. [ACE inhibitors' effect on kidney function]. Nordisk medicin vol 105 issue 8-9 1990 2216687 this effect may be associated with advantageous intraglomerular hemodynamic changes, but may also associate with inhibition of negative effects of angiotensin ii on mesangial hypertrophy and matrix proliferation. 1990-11-14 2023-01-23 Not clear
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J S Hayne. Immunohistochemical localization of type X collagen in the proximal tibiotarsi of broiler chickens and turkeys. The Anatomical record vol 227 issue 3 1990 1695495 our findings indicate that type x collagen is produced in the prehypertrophic and early hypertrophic zones of the avian growth plate and is incorporated into the extracellular matrix in these zones. 1990-08-20 2023-01-23 Not clear
E Livne, D Lewinson, G Dickson, M Silberman. Histochemical study of matrical components in the mandibular condyle of the neonatal mouse. Acta anatomica vol 138 issue 1 1990 2368598 in addition, electron-dense particles indicative of proteoglycans are scattered throughout the matrix in the cp zone as well as in the chondroblastic and hypertrophic zones. 1990-08-14 2023-01-23 mouse
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W L Hunter, A L Arsenaul. Vascular invasion of the epiphyseal growth plate: analysis of metaphyseal capillary ultrastructure and growth dynamics. The Anatomical record vol 227 issue 2 1990 2350011 four regions of these vessels were characterized: 1) sprout tips--the terminal ends of the capillary sprouts which impinge upon the hypertrophic chondrocytes of the growth plate; 2) region of extended calcified cartilage--those deeper vessels within the metaphysis which are surrounded by an extracellular matrix predominantly composed of extended septa of calcified cartilage; 3) region of bone deposition--further still from the epiphysis these microvessels are contained within a network of active bone deposition laid upon a scaffold of calcified cartilage; 4) region of primary vessels--at a distance of 350-500 microns from the epiphysis are dilated vessels with one or two layers of smooth muscle in their walls, which supply and drain the metaphyseal capillary plexus. 1990-07-12 2023-01-23 Not clear
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